10 Reasons Why SaaS Companies Need Animated Videos

Animated videos for Saas business
You must know how valuable animated videos are, but do you know the benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses? Read on here to know more.

You must know how valuable animated videos are when it comes to digital marketing. Particularly, the benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses are immense. Animated videos are engaging enough to generate tons of interactions for companies and they are for sure quality-driven. 

That is why animated videos nowadays are preferred mostly by SaaS organizations to demonstrate the features, functionality, and benefits of a SaaS product in a short time frame.

This blog will demonstrate why SaaS companies need animated videos and what benefits they may get through them. However, first, you must get an overview of what are SaaS animated videos:

What is a SaaS animated video? 

Usually, SaaS animated videos are explainer videos to teach the audience how to use a software product and simultaneously promote it as well. These videos play an important role in defining the SaaS product as most people find it hard to understand a written text about software.

Animated SaaS explainer videos incorporate various techniques from whiteboard animation to hand-drawn visuals to showcase the qualities of software. These videos are used by a wide range of SaaS businesses with different models. A short guide on SaaS videos is all you need to learn more about the benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses.

Having gained insight into the importance of animated videos for your SaaS marketing strategy, we encourage you to consider incorporating them. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at BuzzFlick as we are professional services for SaaS video Production. We are always ready to assist you in creating compelling animated content tailored to your needs.

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Why Animated Videos are Great For SaaS Businesses?

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Animated videos are a fantastic way to tell stories, reveal the personal side of your business, and explain really complicated ideas in a simple way for business. Similarly, Animated SaaS videos are lively and interesting, they don’t cost much, are easy to handle, and make your main ideas stand out.

That is why they are a perfect tool for SaaS businesses when it comes to introducing SaaS business models, products, services, or anything related. You can go through the best SaaS explainer videos examples and see how these companies use them to make their product more understandable. 

Here are 10 benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses and they are also the reasons why they should be used by any SaaS company.

1. Animated Explainer Videos Drive Higher Engagements For SaaS Company 

From explainer blogs to product demos and SaaS corporate profiles to case studies, most of the marketing content of SaaS businesses is pretty technical, boring, and dry. They often lack an element of human-emotional connection.

High-quality animated videos, with characters, humor, metaphors, and real-world examples, can emotionally engage viewers, surpassing traditional marketing text.

You will notice engagement rates spiking up to double or triple if you use animated explainer videos in your SaaS business’s social media ads. Thanks to the storytelling ability of these videos that emphasize user challenges and showcase software’s solutions altogether.

The crux is that people watch animated video content with interest no matter how boring your SaaS product’s technicalities sound. 

You can go through the following video of AutoDraw which has 1 million views. You can see how amazing the use of animation in this video is and how much engagement it garnered.

2. Expect Higher ROI Through Animated SaaS Explainer Videos

There is no doubt when it comes to the effectiveness of explainer videos in SaaS video marketing. It has been reported that up to 92% of video marketers are reporting a positive return on investment (ROI) from video content, compared to 87% in 2022.

It highlights the impact of SaaS explainer videos with animation in boosting revenues and engaging target audiences. The text underscores the cost efficiency of explainer videos compared to live videos. Explainer videos are a popular choice for businesses because 96% of people watch them to learn about any new product. Almost 89% of them who watch these videos end up buying the product.

So, if a SaaS business is investing in explainer videos to simplify a SaaS product for people, a higher ROI is expected as it eases conveying information through videos and people tend to buy the product.

One of the benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses is that a SaaS business can use various video styles, such as whiteboard animation and motion graphics for SaaS marketing keeping in mind the target audience.

3. Simplifying Complex Concepts

SaaS animated videos are great when it comes to explaining complex ideas or showcasing product features, or promoting SaaS services. SaaS businesses can make complicated products easy to understand and relatable through animated visuals. 

This whole scenario eliminates all types of confusion that people might have and ensures that the target audience grasps the valuable information without getting bored by technicalities.

You can go through the following example of an animated SaaS explainer video to get an idea:

The video we have exemplified is of Hootsuite and you can see how creative, simplified, self-explanatory, and demonstrative it is.

4. Brand awareness Through Storytelling And Communication

The technology advancement is on the boom and that is why the SaaS industry is highly competitive. It eventually leads to the need for clear value propositions from brands. Building a SaaS brand involves spreading the message of the product’s purpose and establishing a strong foothold in the market. 

Explainer videos are getting popular increasingly among SaaS companies for showcasing their business model, products, services, and features. Successful SaaS videos address customer pain points by using creative storytelling and effective communication. 

Building and scaling a SaaS brand requires strategic execution and creating awareness to make a lasting impact on the target audience. And due to the immense benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses these videos play this role really well. 

You can take an example of the UberX WavePool animated explainer video here which created a lot of buzz and created an effective brand awareness among the masses.

5. Animated Videos Are Great For Case Studies And Scenarios

SaaS companies face a challenge in convincing leads that their product will meet specific needs. To address this, the company created animated videos showcasing various use cases, such as managing store openings for a retail company, streamlining agile development sprints for a software firm, and organizing volunteers for events in a non-profit. The visual representation of real scenarios and workflows within the product increased clients’ confidence, making animated videos the most effective selling asset for the sales team during demos.

Here is an example of a SaaS case study video for Google Ads Management of Globalsync. In this video, they have mentioned the challenge, their strategy, the results, and key takeaways that pointed out why Google Ads matters.

6. Animated Videos Are Great For SaaS Startup Companies

As a SaaS startup company, you may often face various challenges like a successful launch attracting the target audience, or marketing your SaaS product effectively. But in the end, it all comes down to clearly educating the masses about the complexity of a SaaS product. 

To address this, SaaS startups can create animated explainer infographic videos that can convey a precise message about their complicated and technical products. These animated videos are helpful in highlighting the value proposition of the startup and communicating the key features.

By leveraging appealing visuals and animated content, animated explainer videos help startups establish themselves in the audience’s minds. According to studies, 72% of consumers think that it is really important for them that the brand has visual storytelling. 

Here is the best example of Printify’s SaaS startup animated video:

That is why SaaS startups should prefer animated videos as they have:

  • Improved Visual Appeal:

With incredible visual presentation, animated explainer videos captivate audiences by evoking emotions and effectively communicating what action is required.

  • Ability to Simplify Complex Concepts:

Animated explainer videos break down complex information, and present it in a digestible and engaging manner for the target audience.

  • Contribution to Brand Consistency:

These videos maintain brand consistency by incorporating brand assets, such as colors and logos, creating a stronger digital representation for startups.

  • Increased Chances of Conversions:

You not only educate but also enhance conversions through these videos. You can highlight your USP and tell your audience why you matter to them.

With their marketing prowess, these videos can be a game-changer for startups, particularly for educating the target audience about how the startup is formed, what the products are, and how it works.

7. Fostering Emotional Bonds

In today’s digital world, making emotional connections with customers is really important for long-lasting success. SaaS animation helps tell interesting stories that connect with people’s feelings. By making customers feel happy, understood, or excited, businesses can become closer to them and build trust and loyalty that lasts a long time.

Look at the animated explainer video of Rent Vine, a property management software solution. 

The Rent Vine’s animated SaaS explainer connects emotionally with the audience by highlighting common challenges faced by property managers or rental property owners. It uses animated characters that create an emotional connection to make the video more memorable and powerful.

8. Animated Videos Helps SaaS Businesses In Improving SEO

benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses are not limited to explaining and demonstrating. They are helpful in SEO as well. 

Search engine optimization is vital for the online presence of all companies including SaaS businesses. It helps in fostering web visibility, reliability, and conversions. A strategic SEO enhances search rankings, attracts potential customers, builds brand credibility, and optimizes conversions. 

And in today’s digital landscape, videos are integral to SEO, especially when it comes to SaaS companies. As search engines now prefer ranking websites with helpful content, SaaS animated videos are perfect for the said purpose. 

SaaS videos, showcasing features and tutorials resonate with customers, with 72% preferring video learning.  They increase website dwell time, positively impacting SEO rankings, and help build brand awareness. 

The above video clearly explains why videos are vital when it comes to SEO and the same applies to SaaS businesses. For social media optimization, short, engaging videos tailored to each platform are recommended. 

Long-form video content aids in-depth discussions, benefiting from transcription and closed captions for improved SEO rankings.

9. Animated Videos Are Fun To Watch And Shareable

When it comes to sharing information rapidly, animated explainer videos are really helpful. Especially when they are useful when you want to transform your boring SaaS product explanation into something interesting. 

If you want to attract the target audience’s attention instantly and provide them with clear, brief explanations about your SaaS company, products, and services, create animated videos. 

And what’s better than social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for the said purpose? You can use them to share your animated visual stories and delight your audience. 

This will not only make your video content shareable by users, but you can also reach a larger segment audience to spread your words.

10. Standing Out Among Competitors Is Really Easy Through Animated Videos

The 10th of all the benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses is that animated videos provide your SaaS business with a unique identity to stand out from competitors. Through animated explainer videos, you can set your products or services apart.

Create engaging videos that highlight your USPs to differentiate yourself in the industry. These videos may become your turning point when it comes to standing out in the SaaS industry and attracting new customers with a well-crafted message. 

Explainer videos like this capture attention and leave a lasting impression on viewers with eye-catching visuals and a straightforward format.

The importance of animated videos for SaaS businesses is evident now and we suggest you consider incorporating them in your marketing strategy. Reach out to BuzzFlick right today for professional SaaS video Production.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a SaaS animated video? 

A SaaS animated video teaches people how to use a SaaS product or service efficiently and also intends to promote it. Animated SaaS videos are great for those non-tech-savvy who find it hard to swallow the complicated details presented in the written text about a specific software.

Why Are Animated Videos Great For SaaS Businesses?

Animated videos are great for SaaS businesses because they are quality-driven. There are many benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses, and one of them is that they are proven to generate higher engagement rates for companies. That is why SaaS companies mostly prefer these videos to demonstrate their intricate product features, functionalities, benefits, and usage in a short span.

How does having animated videos on a SaaS website helps in customers buying decisions?

Animated videos on the website help customers buy decisions by providing the product’s value proposition in an easy-to-understand and clear way. Animated videos help the customer realize how a SaaS product can solve their problems and meet their needs. Also, these videos help eliminate doubts in people’s minds and help them in their purchasing decisions.

Why are animated explainer videos effective?

Animated explainer videos are really effective due to their audio/visual stimulus. These videos excel in transmitting information by making complex concepts easily understandable. The majority of individuals lack awareness regarding the neuroscience behind explainer videos, which is the key factor contributing to their remarkable effectiveness.

The benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses are immense and we are here to help you out with your SaaS video Production for effective marketing. Reach out to BuzzFlick right today and unveil the prowess if SaaS video marketing.

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Wrapping it up

So, we are now wrapping the discussion around the benefits of animated videos for SaaS businesses. We have discussed how animated videos help SaaS businesses in the digital realm and why they are important in this blog. We hope you get an idea now that you must have animated videos in your marketing strategy and if you need one, you know where to contact us. Hit BuzzFlick anytime you need animated videos for your SaaS company and we will definitely help you out.

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