8 TikTok Trends To Boost Your Social Reach In 2022

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TikTok marketing has become the first choice of marketers. This article discusses the TikTok trends that help you increase your reach and audience engagement.

TikTok trends are changing rapidly. People upload memes, viral dances, hacks, recipes, and other videos. Many companies are still confused about what kind of content they should create. It might be challenging for marketers to create a strategy for TikTok.

There are more than 1 billion monthly active users on TikTok, which is why it significantly influences audience behavior. TikTok has beaten google and achieved more traffic on their domain than google.

TikTok allows companies to increase their audience engagement and achieve their objectives. When creating your TikTok content strategy, firstly, you need to research the hot trends.

We have gathered the top 8 trends people are following, and we expect to see these types of videos this year and beyond on TikTok.

From subcultural and educational content to the creator economy, we research and share the best tips to incorporate these trends in your content strategy. Creating the trending TikTok video will help you convey your message to your audience and build your community.

1. Potential of Educational Videos and #LearnOnTikTok

According to BuzzFlick, around 50% of viewers search for a video to know about a product or service before deciding to purchase. The most commonly used business videos are product demo videos, which include explainers and how-tos.

The #LearnOnTikTok has become a popular TikTok trend, and this hashtag has over 253 billion views. This view count shows educational videos ideal for the platform. It means the users want to learn new things.

You need to convey your message in a few minutes on TikTok. People use clear voice-over directions, quick cuts, music, sharp visuals, and captions to make them more engaging.

However, video production companies with experience in corporate video production know how to create a video that helps companies achieve their objectives. So, search for corporate video production companies and outsource your projects to a company with extensive knowledge and portfolio in this field.

Revolution Beauty created this video to educate and inspire its audience to look stunning by adopting the style of beauty influencers. Their videos are educational and entertaining.

2. It Promotes The Subcultures

TikTok is a platform that connects people around the world over their preferences and creates and promotes their subcultures. Since the inception of the internet, subcultures have existed, but TikTok promoted them and made them more approachable.

TikTok allows its users to communicate with like-minded users with the same passion. You can search for hashtags such as #CleanTok, #WitchTok, or #MoneyTok, and connect with the community according to your interests.

Subcultures promote the creation of entertaining and creative videos, which allow users to use their creativity. If you want to build a relationship with the subculture community, it is essential to create content that enhances your credibility and conveys that your brand is reliable.

Engage in the subcultures of your niche and keep up to date with the latest trends TikTok trends like memes, edits, jokes, and music.

Watch this video of Le Creuset; they manufacture French cookware. The video showed soothing kitchen cleanups and increased the video’s reach by using the hashtag #CleanTok.

They post videos that highlight the high quality and impress the audience with the aesthetic look of their products.

3. Collaborate With Creators To Influence The Audience

Popular TikTok trends are contributing to the creator economy. TikTok is providing the opportunity to influencers and creators. It allows TikTokers to convey their message to millions of TikTok users.

The beauty of TikTok is that you don’t need to use studio equipment or high-quality production for it. People admire content that is unique and original rather than high-quality. That is why people have uploaded thousands of videos that are trending on TikTok.

Creators help people to connect with companies and products. You can use videos with product reviews to entertain your audience, enhancing your brand image. Many hashtags help businesses in getting record sales.

You can use #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt to increase the reach of your videos. Users trust TikTok creators’ reviews because they believe creators share the actual feedback about a product.

You can connect with creators and create video content that helps you build your brand’s image on TikTok. When you collaborate with creators, the content will increase the audience’s trust in your brand. They feel your company is credible.

Here is an example of a video that made its place in the latest TikTok trends. It is a video of MeUndies, an undergarment, swimwear, and apparel company whose target audience includes men and women.

Products of MeUndies are often included in TikTok hauls, and many creators wear their apparel and review them. They post these videos on their profile to promote their products to the community.

4. Use Behind-the-scenes Videos

TikTok marketing is different from other marketing platforms. Users on TikTok want to see how your brand works to provide them with the best solution for their needs.

Video content like “This is how what we do” and “We are changing the lives of our customers” are some of the examples of the most popular TikTok trends. This kind of video makes the audience feel friendly, fun, and motivated. However, the content should be relevant.

You can also use this TikTok trend of behind-the-scenes video; you need to hire a social media manager who can create videos and manage your profile. This way, you can humanize your brand and team up with community members and creators, so they can promote your product and post their videos on your profile.

Create a video according to TikTok’s video length guidelines, and make your video to the point. Moreover, you can use catchy captions, voice-over storytelling, and music to improve the video quality and make them more engaging.

The University of Melbourne uses students’ views in their TikTok video to market their registration. It is the newest TikTok trend and helps institutes convey their message to the students and educate them about university life.

You can use behind-the-scenes videos to showcase your team, locations, events, and many more.

5. Potential of Hashtag #Vulnerability

#Vulnerable on TikTok has more than 179 million views. Users believe in creators’ words, and if they promote any brand’s product, people most likely purchase it. Current TikTok trends include videos about the workout, mental health, work-life balance, and music.

Companies can create original and unique video content to enhance their communication with the audience. United Nations agency UNICEF provides humanitarian aid to children globally. They post this video on UNICEF’s TikTok, and young followers share their message in it.

They share their perceptions on the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and mental health. The video highlights UNICEF’s mission and core values.

Using a vulnerability in your videos and sharing your brand’s real face and values can create an adverse impact. Nowadays, modern social network users are more mature than ever.

Users can gauge the inauthenticity that reflects a negative image of your brand. Create a video that will create a robust connection with your viewers.


Want to join us in 2022? Online Open Day starts on 22 August! Head to the link in our bio to register 🔗 #UniMelb

♬ original sound – University of Melbourne

6. Incorporate current TikTok trends into your Content Strategy

TikTok trends are changing rapidly. The main reason is that TikTok has become one of the most popular social platforms. Users are using creator tools with new approaches; that’s why new ticktock trends are introduced. Increase your audience engagement, follow the latest TikTok trends, and analyze whether they are suitable for your business.

7. Split Screen Video Effect

Marketers use the split screen technique in their videos to reply to the TikTok community. You can reuse the content on TikTok, and this effect enables users to join the ongoing conversations.

You can create a split video, choose the video, use the share icon and click on the duet option.

People use this effect to add humor elements when communicating to the audience. If you want to create a split-screen reply, use a video to help you achieve your objectives. You can use this strategy to know your audience’s views.

Remember, video editing is essential because it improves the quality of the video. Nobody wants to watch a video that has low quality. You might be wondering about the video editing pricing. Professional video companies charge $75 to $150/hour for video editing.


#duet with @taylorfisher830 Reminder: If you have a brain, you can meditate. #meditationpractice #takeadeepbreath

♬ original sound – Taylor

8. Use Animated Videos On TikTok

Some brands wrongly perceive that animated videos are not appropriate for TikTok. However, animated videos create a significant influence on the viewers’ minds.

We all have watched animated cartoons and videos in our childhood. We recall our childhood days when we watched these videos, and it is easy to memorize the message.

Take a look at this video posted on one of the popular TikTok channels – Mr Royak Shorts:

You can use animated videos on your TikTok profile to enrich your marketing strategy. You might be wondering about the animated video cost. Most video animation agencies’ price varies from $10,000 to $15,000 for a 90-second duration video.

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Closing Remarks

In recent years TikTok has become one of the widely used social platforms, and there are more than 1 billion monthly active users on it. It makes TikTok the best place for marketers and businesses to promote their products or services.

The best thing is that new trends are introduced every day on TikTok. It allows marketers to incorporate the latest TikTok trends to increase the reach of their video content. Moreover, you can also use various hashtags to show your video content to your target market segment.

So, if you are not using TikTok, you are missing an excellent opportunity to convey your message to the audience. Create a video content strategy and connect with your potential customers on TikTok.

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