Top Marketing Campaign Examples with Product Ads

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Learn marketing campaign strategies with the creative product ads examples. Boost your sales and brand awareness with compelling product advertisements.

Have you ever thought about why renowned brands and companies prefer to use product ads in their marketing campaign? What benefits are they getting with this practice? And how will advertising the product helps your business grow?

If you have all of these questions in your head, then relax, this read will be going to clear all the clouds.

Product advertisements have always been a foregoer when it comes to communicating the company’s ideas to its clients & customers.

Companies have incorporated creative product advertisements into their marketing campaigns for better business growth and to expand the ambit of the audience.

We have collected the best marketing campaign examples along with product ads that will guide you on how much product ads are beneficial for your business and what example(s) suit the nature of your business more.

So, chop-chop, let’s dive into it!

Best Marketing Campaign Examples & Product Ads

We have shortlisted the top 16 marketing campaigns with relevant product ads examples that you can use in your next business and product promotion drive. So let’s take a look!

#1) Nike Kobe 8 – A Footwear Product Ad

Nike has launched a signature sneaker series of Kobe Bryant named Kobe 8. This product ad by Nike showcased all product features.

The sneaker is made up of innovative fabric that makes it ultra-lightweight fit and 360 degrees breathable with woven strength and flexibility. In addition, Kobe 8 is built up with Nike Engineering Mesh that gives a comfortable fit to the feet.

Kobe 8 is best for athletes and especially for basketball players. The sneakers come in mustard-yellow color shade with multicolor reflection effect – niceeee

#2) ComforPedic – A Mattress Product Advertisement

Beautyrest introduced ComforPedic Loft that offers a comfortable sleep experience with the goodness of rejuvenating gel that instantly cools the sides of the mattress.

ComforPedic has shown how their mattress technology is better for the customer’s sleep – how efficiently they have addressed the customer’s pain points and showcased how their product will be fruitful.

#3) Adidas Ultra Boost – A Footwear Advertisement

Adidas is known for outclass footwear and has introduced numerous articles, including Adidas Ultra Boost – a running sneaker.

The sneaker is best for sports and athletic activities. Adidas Ultra Boost is engineered with physics logic to provide better stability while running and jumping.

It is built with a midsole that transfers the energy of the foot strike to balance your movements and ultra-cushioned boost your speed.

Surely, it is one of the best and detailed product ads that displays all the key features of the Ultra-Boost sneaker – a product advertisement that assures sales.

#4) DeathAdder – Peripheral Device Product Ad

Razer. Inc designed an ergonomic-shaped mouse – The DeathAdder Chroma. The mouse gives the most pleasing gaming experience with supportive gameplay while testing battles.

Its rubber sides provide grip and stability to the palm of the gamer. As a result, DeathAdder makes smooth and controlled gaming sessions.

Razer has summed up all the vital features gamers look for in a mouse. This is how you make viewers understand the need of the product.

#5) Reebok ZPump

ZPump is an iconic innovation in the category of sneakers. Reebok came up with a ZPump Fusion with an air-filled cage that provides a locked-in fit to the runner.

Reebok ZPump is a light weighted sneaker, and unlike traditional shoes, ZPump is made up of three essential parts that ensure the comfortable fit and running control.

In this product ad, Reebok has highlighted how ZPump fusion is different and better than other shoes. Check it out.

#6) ASRock M8 – Computer Hardware Product Ad

If you are looking for a resilient CPU with maximum power, then M8 is the right choice for you. ASRock has launched a badass CPU that has a mini-ITX motherboard, chassis, and SD 3.0.

M8 is a product of BMW Designworks and ASRock collaboration. The plastic aluminum frame makes it easy to move, lightweight to carry, and suitable for portable gaming stations.

This innovative product ad has displayed the award-winning chassis by Chicago Good Design. In addition, it is one of the best product video examples of computer hardware so far.

#7) Oculus Rift – A VR Product Ad Video

Oculus Rift is one of the most satisfactory VR headsets by Oculus.

Rift provides 1080p video resolution with a 90 Hz refresh rate. It displays the visuals in 110 degrees views in a stereoscopic OLED display.

Rift provides a sensation of presence with a low-latency constellation tracking system and advanced video display technology. This product ad has exhibited the features of Oculus Rift that distinguish it from the rest.

This is how you gather the attention of the potential customers toward your product—nicely done!

#8) SONY PS4 – A Gaming Console Product Advertisement

When we talk about gaming consoles, the first name that strikes our mind is Sony. In this product video, Sony is presenting PS4 – a stunning gaming console.

PS4 undoubtedly has a beautiful slight angled hardware structure with accented console status indicator with a light bar.

Sony PS4 stands among the top gaming consoles globally that provide the fastest responsive gaming experience with stunning graphics display.

That’s how you demonstrate a product and make a money-making launch ad—a fantastic product advertisement.

#9) HP Elite Slice

HP launched HP Elite Slice – a portable, modular PC that can be used inside and outside of the workplace. HP Elite Slice provides high-level data security with BIOSphere and HP Sure Start to manage data invasion threats.

It is a business and user-friendly system that can be used in all sorts of business with all levels of business—a perfect example of a product demo video.

#10) Panasonic Shaver

Panasonic is one of the trustable household appliance brands, showcasing its sleek and robust electric razor.

The triple-blade with a 30-degree edge offers smooth and cut-less shaving. The hypo-allergenic ARC shaver foils trim the facial hair smoothly, and the outer foil contours the face with maximum comfort.

In addition, the 30-degree nano-polished blades work tough on stiff hair and make it safe to use.

This video is the best product ad example that educates the customer and increases the product sale – an efficient marketing campaign.

#11) ASICS MetaRun – A Footwear Product Ad

We have discussed some of the top footwear brands and their product ads, but the list is still incomplete without ASICS.

ASICS introduced MetaRun with an intelligent technology that makes the shoe compatible in every scenario of running.

MetaRun is constructed with FlyteFoam (the midsole foam), which is 55% lighter and provides high stability in shocks and jumps.

The company has exhibited the MetaRun features and usability in this product ad which is educating as well as revenue-generating.

#12) Braven 570 – An Electronic Product Ad

When we talk about a speaker with high specs, then Braven 570 is a shoppable product. It is a wireless and portable speaker that also provides the feature of a power bank.

The 570 delivers HD sound quality and supplies power to other portable devices via a USB connection. What a multitasking speaker!

If you have some distinguishing features in your product, then display them in your product ad like Braven did.

#13) Lenovo ThinkPad

If we are talking about electronic and computer gadgets, then how we can forget about Lenovo. The company launched the ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop with an adaptive keyboard.

X1 has a carbon-fiber structure that makes it durable among its preceding device from the series. It comes with a 10-point multitouch screen that makes touch working more precise and responsive.

ThinkPad’s antiglare screen and ColorBurst features display enjoyable. This product advertisement shows how much Lenovo has invested in this product technically and structurally.

A quality attention grabber for audience.

#14) Nikon D800

Nikon is a famous photography equipment company and is also known for its measurement tools, binoculars, ophthalmic lenses, weaponry scopes, spotting scopes, and steppers for photolithography.

The D800 is a 36.3-megapixel camera with FX-format and HD SLR for professional quality photography. Nikon D800 is a superior performing camera that is desirable by wildlife and sports photographers.

Nikon has demonstrated all the features that make D800 & D800E optimum to the customer. Therefore, this product ad is indeed a sales increase.

#15) Samsung S7 – A Smartphone Ad

Samsung has consistently provided quality services and appliances to its customers and is famous for its Galaxy S series of flagship smartphones.

This product ad by Samsung introduces Galaxy S7, the most powerful smartphone in the S series, with water-resistant, wireless, and expandable storage features.

It is a very creative product ad that features the Galaxy S7 in a 3D structure display. You can use this example in your product ad if you want to boost your sales.

#16) Shift RevolCam

The shift has launched the first detachable revolving lens for iPhone. RevolCam is an intensity-adjustable LED which makes it ideal for selfies. It is also compatible with other portable devices too.

RevolCam features three different lenses

  • Wide-angle lens
  • Macro lens
  • Fisheye lens

This video is a creative product advertisement that showcases an accessory that is compatible with various gadgets. If you want to display your product versatility, then this example is perfect for you.

The Editor’s Choice

Follow the above examples when you’re running your marketing campaigns simply because they’re recommended by experts. But keep your business niche in mind when running marketing campaigns because this analysis generally makes or breaks your marketing campaigns.

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What will be the cost of a Product Ad?

The costing of a product ad depends upon four things:

  • The requirements of the video.
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  • The style of the video you desire.


The companies are excelling in their business goals due to incorporating these product advertisements in their marketing campaigns.

You can use different inspiring video styles and ideas for product launch videos. As animation has taken over digital marketing, get animated product video ideas and check out top product teaser videos for inspiration.

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