Top Whiteboard Explainer Video Ideas & Examples

top whiteboard explainer videos ideas
Get inspired with the top whiteboard explainer video ideas & examples and create some captivating and compelling whiteboard videos for your business.

Have you ever thought about why do you need to create whiteboard or explainer videos for your business or what impact it will have on your marketing?

Keep reading today, you are going to find out some profitable benefits of using whiteboard explainer videos in your marketing campaign with top ideas and examples.

What Are Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

In whiteboard explainer videos, there are two things that you need to understand: whiteboard & explainer.

Whiteboard animation is one of the styles of video in which the art and content are drawn by the hand on a white background or whiteboard. This video style is popular for communicating complex ideas impactfully to the audience.

Whiteboard videos are beneficial for companies with massive and tangled business architectures.

The explainer video is the mother of all animation types. You can do everything by explaining a complicated subject, demonstrating ideas, or delivering a sales pitch with an explainer video.

The blend of whiteboard and explainer is a killer combination for any marketing campaign. You use the whiteboard video setup with the explainer video style to demonstrate your ideas and objectives in a whiteboard explainer video.

Whiteboard explainer videos have been serving the digital market for a long time and were preferred by most companies for their product and service demonstrations.

But with time, the core objective of whiteboard animation is shifted to educational, informational, and explainer. Whiteboard explainer video falls into the category of animation with 2D graphics and illustrative elements.

A study has mentioned that if a whiteboard animated video is created with perfection, then it can 68% better return on investment more than Google Ads.

Why Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are advantageous when it comes to explaining twisted ideas in a digestible piece of information to a specific audience.

You can use the whiteboard explainer to magnify the tiniest detail and grab the audience’s attention toward it. It gives you the freedom to maximize and minimize your topic and present it in a scalable format.

With whiteboard animation, you can draw your prospect’s attention toward the solution you are providing to their problems. You can demonstrate the process of how to utilize your product correctly to eliminate the issues the users are facing.

In a whiteboard explainer video, the whole video revolves around one topic and keeps the viewers connected with the story. In addition, this practice converts the viewers into potential leads because they have already understood the video’s key message.

In short, animated whiteboard videos are the right solution for your business. Utilize them to outreach the potential customer out there.

Ideas & Examples of Top Whiteboard Explainer Videos

We have gathered some impressive whiteboard explainer videos for your inspiration. You can actually use these videos as a reference and incorporate them into your marketing campaign.

1. Charles Duhigg’s The Best Team

The author of “Smarter, Faster, and Better,” Charles Duhigg, created a whiteboard explainer and demonstrated how collaboration could be beneficial for the betterment of the business.

In his video, he inspires the audience with the example of SNL and Google as “A Team.” It is perfect whether you talk about story, narration, dynamics, or animation. This whiteboard video is the best example in every way.

If you have not seen it yet, take a look.

2. The History of Marriage

For those who want to know what else the whiteboard can be used for, this example is for them. Logan Urga has presented the “how the best marriage works” phenomena in a very compelling whiteboard explainer.

Within 3 minutes, the animator has demonstrated the complication of marriage and how other philosophers see it in a fun way. You can see how only images and narration can transmit some useful information in an impactful manner.

This video shows how you can use the whiteboard explainer to explain topics with every level of complexity.

3. The Gymnastic Course

The aim of any company to use explainer videos in any marketing campaign is to persuade the audience to take certain actions like purchase, subscribe, or do something.

Gymnastic course created a whiteboard animated explainer video to seek attention from the athletes and gym freaks. In order to achieve that, they demonstrated how this gymnastic seminar could be helpful in their gymnastic career, whether they are a trainer or athlete.

You can use the explainer video to explain your goal and then direct the audience on achieving it. For example, check out this whiteboard explainer video – what a compelling marketing video.

4. The Peer Pressure

When we talk about the versatility of the topic and complexity, it means that we can cover all the vital topics and ideas through whiteboard animation. One of the examples of versatility is this whiteboard video on peer pressure.

This whiteboard video explains how to handle peer pressure situations when you encounter one. The narrator has also suggested four easy steps to save yourself from peer pressure.

In the video, along with whiteboard animation, the narration is very captivating and keeps the audience stuck to the video until the end. So let’s take a look.

5. The Insurance Video

If you have decided to make a whiteboard animated video for your audience, then it’s time to concentrate on your client’s most occurring issues, because as a considerate company, that is what you do.

Your primary goal is to elicit emotions in the audience; this is the first step toward building a bond with your audience.

In order to turn your audience into your potential customer, follow the advised practices for better narration: present the scenario, demonstrate the problem, and offer a solution. The audience will get what they want in this method, and you will be pleased with the outcome.

Now take a look at this whiteboard insurance video, where the narrator simply describes the need for insurance in various medical emergencies. He has wrapped the message around the story of Karen and her family – beautifully demonstrated.

6. Unilever Whiteboard Explainer for Dove & Axe Body Wash

Unilever is a massive multinational brand and doesn’t need any introduction, but still, it chooses to create whiteboard animation videos.

It indeed is a terrific example of utilizing whiteboard animation to enhance audience engagement and customer loyalty.

The video is short, entertaining, and informative at the same time and delivers the company’s message to the audience effectively.

7. Coca Cola Whiteboard Animation

When we talk about some memorable whiteboard animation video ads, Content 2020 by Coca-Cola is always considered as the best whiteboard animation ever.

Because it explains about the new marketing strategy that has been used by the Coca Cola company, the video is 15minutes longer than usual 2-minute explainer videos.

Extended animations are the best alternative for the organization while explaining its history, struggles, or success story. For example, if you want to depict the evolution of a company and explain how it affects the current situation, a whiteboard explainer video is the smart choice to make.

Keep point in mind that the longer the video, the harder it will be stopping the audience quit watching because people usually get bored with lengthy videos.

If you are planning to create a long video, make sure the audience you will be addressing is dedicated enough to handle the video that long. Or you can break the video up into smaller videos if you doubt your audience will watch the entire video in one go.

8. TruScribe Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animated videos can be used to demonstrate how things work like software, service, product, system, or inventions, but this video illustrates how video animation works.

Despite all the figures and facts about the effectiveness of whiteboard animated videos but still, there are some wondering questions in our minds like:

  • What are the benefits of animation?
  • What is it about them that makes them so appealing to audiences of all ages?
  • How does it deliver the important information effectively?
  • Why do people prefer animated videos?

All these questions are covered in this whiteboard animated video by TruScribe, which exemplifies how an approach to handling various problems might vary based on the communication medium and how TruScribe helps the companies deliver the messages effectively to their targeted prospects.

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