Video Editing Basics – A Step by Step Guide

Let’s learn 101 video editing basics that help you create top-notch marketing videos for your business!

Are you ready to create some awesome video content and rule the world of digital marketing? Try to be a master of video editing skills.

But how? We have tailored this article as a 101-video editing guide for all. Whether you are a professional editor or new to editing, this read will help you at all levels of learning!

A Quick Precap

This article will discuss efficient scriptwriting, choosing appropriate color combinations, the addition of quality images & audio, editing, video marketing, and the Editor’s choice.

So, stick to the article till the end!

1. A Well-crafted Script

A keenly crafted script is behind the narration you hear in an explainer video and the voice that attracts you towards it.

Before writing a script, you need to know what video type you are going to use. It will help the scriptwriter understand the audience with a particular mindset and create a script around it.

To write an impactful script, you must include the following elements into your script:

  • A Clear Goal: While writing a script, you should know the reason for creating this video. Who is your audience? What information are you going to deliver through the video? Once your objectives are clear, writing an effective script will become much easier.
  • A Solid Idea: Before touching the keyboard, evaluate what is the main objective of your video, and throughout your writing, what point you need to highlight more. If you keep this practice, it will become a lot easier for you to pull your audience’s attention toward the core objective of the video.
  • A Conversation with Audience: Whatever you write, keep an addressing tone. You need to understand the questions, thoughts, and feelings your audience might have or will have while watching the video address them. If you talk to your audience in a tone of emotion, your script is a total hit.

2. A Correct Color Combination

Let’s suppose you have two different videos to watch

  1. The first video has mild colors that match its message, reflect the brand, and are gentle to your eyes.
  2. The second video has sharp and vibrant colors that make watch time uncomfortable and pinch your eyes. You found no brand or message relatability with the colors.

Which video will you prefer? Obviously, the video with color relatability and mildness.

While choosing color combinations for your video, it is important to keep your audience in mind, too, because, at the end of the day, they will be watching the video, and if your video fails to provide the visual quality that your audience has been looking for, you project will ultimately fail.

Before choosing the color combination, study your prospects and understand what is their preference when it comes to video, color, and quality.

We know picking color themes for a video can be challenging for you, but so many tools help you create your color palette for the video.

Let’s understand two main color systems which will help you a lot during video production:

  • RGB: RGB uses primary colors (red, green, and blue) to render other colors on the screen. It basically is a color gamut of light. This color combination is used while designing web pages, developing videos, or creating digital images.
  • HEX: HEX is the abbreviation of Hexadecimal because it includes six digits of alpha-numeric code to represent the RGB colors on the screen. The digits are followed by a hash which signifies each color. Every color has a unique HEX code to prevent confusion for the developer.

3. The Quality Images

Images with high resolution are vital for the success of the video. It is a delicate task, and if you choose an image carelessly, it has a chance to make it or break it.

The thing that is crucial in image quality is the color profile. When you upload a photo, initially, it is in the CMYK color system, which you have to convert to an RGB color system. You can use the Adobe Photoshop tool to change the color system of the images.

Photoshop is a tool that helps you convert an image’s color system and create images with specific sizes, colors, and resolutions.

4. The Quality Audio

What is the instant thing you notice when you meet someone after the appearance? The voice!

It is how human psychology works that if the audio or the voice is calm and composed, the listener will enjoy it, but if the voice is high-pitched, the listener won’t even waste a second more on it.

The same works for video and its audio; if your audio quality is clear and HD, the audience will enjoy them, otherwise, they will leave the video.

For audio, you have got two options: voiceover and background music. There are so many platforms where you can find royalty-free tracks for your video and incorporate it into the video.

But the most preferred and suggested way is to customize the audio for your video. It gives more of a “specially made” look to the video.

The next and the most frequently used audio medium is voiceover. It is highly used in explainer, educational, and training videos. All you have to do is to hire a professional voiceover artist and get it done within days or hours.

5. The Video Formatting

Like digital texts, the video has various formats, varying from platform to platform. The online streaming videos follow three formats: MP4, WMV, and FLV, which are supported by all social media and video streaming platforms.

Video formatting is essential for videos in order to have a better display on different online video players.

6. Market Your Video

After the video production, the next thing is to market your video to your audience. It is not different from traditional marketing. Here are some tactics that you can use in your video marketing plan to help it reach the targeted audience efficiently:

Video Embedded Emails

When we talk about digital marketing, blog posts, social media posting, video sharing, and email marketing is what we do.

In all of the above, running email marketing is still one of the best practices to reach your targeted audience. You can embed videos into your email sequence to make it more interactive. Whether it’s for sales interaction or promotion, email video works best for all.

Videos on the Landing Pages

Google loves websites and landing pages with videos on them and helps them rank high in the search result list. Videos on the landing pages help you boost conversion up to 80% and make your business visible to internet users.

Videos on Social Media Platforms

People use social media platforms to stay connected and share the happening with their social circle. Posting video content on the social media platform not just helps you catch the targeted audience but help you to convert viewers into potential prospects.

Brands put video ads on social media in order to reach their customers more efficiently and effectively, and 85% of the customers share videos by their favorite brands if they find them interesting or useful.

Run Video Ad Campaign

Video ads are beneficial if you post them on social media platforms, but also, if you use them productively, they will also hunt your customers from all over the internet.

Before running the video marketing campaign, you need to post your videos somewhere on the internet. And this somewhere can be video sharing and streaming websites from where you share the video links on your marketing posts.

There are so many websites like YouTube where you can post your video, increase engagement, and redirect customers to your websites.

The Editor’s Choice

After discussing all the video editing basics, we hope you now understand video editing clearly.

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Happy Animation!

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