An Ultimate Guide to Video Production

video production
Video production is the process of creating videos from scratch. It includes shooting, editing, and dispatching. Learn everything about video production now!

Do you want to know how the videos are made and what the production companies do in their video production process?

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After the digitalization of marketing, video has become the ultimate weapon for businesses to promote and market their ventures.

In this article, we will be discussing all the video production processes, including:

  • differences between different productions,
  • production stages,
  • type of videos
  • and a bonus (stay tuned)

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What is Video Production?

The name says it all: Video Production – the process of creating videos. It can be anything, a short film, telefilm, movie, commercial, advertisement, or a business marketing video; all can be made through video production.

While making different videos, it is possible that the process within the process might vary, but the overall process stays the same.

The basic video production process has three phases:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

These three phases include all the steps from thinking about the video idea to the launch of the final video.

Why Video Production?

Today, video is one of the most influential and popular forms of media used to engage, educate, and inspire the audience.

People have preferred videos to watch in the past few years instead of reading the text blocks. They buy or even invest in something after watching review videos.

The same goes for marketing sectors; companies use brand videos to promote their business. Video marketing actually helped many brands to build their online presence and accelerate their revenue.

If you are a company and want to gather an audience and convert them from the audience to potential customers, here, the video acts as a magnet to attract prospects.

With captivating visuals and impactful audio, video allows you to engage the targeted audience and achieve your business goals.

The Video Production Phases

It’s all about the equilibrium!

Each production phase requires deep planning and careful execution to exhibit the story into appealing visuals.

While making a video, you need to think about:

  • What is the goal (you want to achieve from the video)?
  • How to create (the whole production process)?
  • What will you portray (the story)?

The Strategy Phase

Even before the production, the first step is the strategy phase, where you look for the core reason behind the video making.

Evaluate the motivation behind the video creation, like:

  • Video to gather traffic on your website.
  • To boost the SEO and ROI.
  • Help the people learn more about your business, product, or service.
  • Or to build trust in your name (company, organization, or institute).

Once you know what you want to achieve with your video, you can make the proper video production strategy.

You can consider some factors like the video goal, your targeted audience, the platform of video display, the budget for production, and metrics to track the reach and response on the video.

If you successfully plan the strategy phase, there will be no issues in the production phases.

The Pre-Production Phase

This is the stage where you create the potions for the magic – the creative planning!

In pre-production, you prepare to move ahead towards the production phase. You plan and select things like:

  • Inventive ideas.
  • Concept building.
  • Video style.
  • Casting (on-and off-screen actors).
  • Props.
  • Scripting & storyboarding.
  • And scheduling.

Pre-production is where you plan your budget. You have to ensure that you are investing enough to get all the resources to create the desired video and not getting too high on the pocket.

This is the most critical and crucial phase, where you have to organize all the essentials before the recording process. It is the most time-consuming and patience-requiring phase, and you have to plan things keenly.

If anything goes wrong, the whole production will fall, and the project might cost you more money and time.

The Production Phase

It’s the time for magic! – the production.

Video production is a laborious phase, but the payoff is substantial. The production phase includes the recording of the video.

If you have mapped out the production schedule, then as a producer, you should ensure things must get done within the plan.

The production of the video depends upon the nature and style of the video you have chosen. The location for the video recording might change according to the type of the video.

If you want to animate a video, it can be done in the studio or the room with the animation tools, but if you want a video that includes human faces, you might need a location for shooting. It all depends upon the concept of the video.

If you want any assistance or inspiration while selecting the type of video, check out the inspiring styles of video.

After the video style is selected, the actors are hired, and the script is done, it’s time to start the production process. You safely locate the crew and the cast to the shooting location and record the video.

Production can last long from hours to days or weeks in order to achieve the best from all the departments involved in the project like direction, camera crew, art, and others.

If your project involves outdoor shooting, the weather will affect the process. Let’s understand it with an example: If you want to record a fashion video in the daylight, you don’t want the sun to shine over your head or in a thunderstorm.

In short, production is the most frangible phase, you need to be delicate while planning and executing it.

The Post-Production

The final and the longest phase in the production process is post-production. You gather the best shots, stitch them together, trim them to the desired duration, add the voice-overs, sync the audio with the video, check the color scheme, incorporate graphics, add titles & subtitles, and apply visual and special effects.

In short, post-production covers all the “after-action” that are performed after the shooting has been completed.

Many companies claim to be the best in video editing services; check out top video editing companies that are actually experts in their work.

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· The Final Product

Companies make videos for marketing and promotion reason, and this goal can only be achieved when the video is delivered to as many eyes as possible.

You can distribute the video to various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Posting videos on your website or homepage can help you boost traffic and increase ROI.

The research has stated that 52% of marketers claim that video content helps to generate the best ROI, and 88% say posting videos on social media also boosts ROI.

Meet the Crew

While making a video, various people get involved in the process to create something that helps the creator achieve the goal. These people are categorized into the following units:


The director is the lead of the project and directs the whole team. They make sure that the video exhibits the story and concept perfectly.

An excellent director knows how to bring the best out of his team and deliver what has been asked for.

Production Unit

This team includes a producer, production coordinator, assistant director, accountants, location scout, and casting directors.

Depending upon the size and nature of the project, people in the team own different responsibilities, even sometimes carrying multiple.

If it is an animated project, the team includes the project manager, animator, editor, scriptwriter, and graphic designer.

Camera Crew

This team makes sure that the lighting and camera are at the right angle to capture the scene correctly. The unit includes cameramen, camera operators, digital technicians, Steadicam operators, light boys, camera assistants, and more.

Sound Crew

They are responsible for the sounds you hear in the video, movie, or film.  The job of these technicians is to make dialog, sound, background noise, and the audio is audible according to the scene, and the voice-overs are perfectly synchronized.

Without this unit, the whole production process is useless.

Art Unit

This team is the team of magicians! They don’t control the camera or lightning; they control the tiny but paramount things like props, costumes, makeup, décor, and more.

The project or production designer guides the team, including the costume designer, set designer, prop master, and art director.

Special Visuals & Stunt Unit

If you are shooting an action video or movie, you cannot execute it without a stunt and special effects team.

They make sure that all the dangerous visuals are captured and performed safely. The team includes stunt masters and crew.

The Difference Between Various Productions

Although video production is one of the types of production but is also categorized into subclasses, let’s see how the different types of video production styles vary from each other:

Video production Vs. Film production

The main contrast between video production and film production is the medium used to achieve the goal. The video production captures the clip or images vis memory cards or tape, but the film production uses films to record the scenes and visuals.

Film production is one of the orthodox practices, but many people still prefer it and refer the video production as film production.

Video production Vs. Videography

In this comparison, the planning and direction of the story differentiate video production from videography.

In video production, from the creative idea to its execution is dictated, but sometimes it has detailed scripts, storyboards, clips, and scenes.

In short, sometimes you have to shoot the video from scratch altogether, and sometimes you have to create things separately and merge them in the end.

When we talk about videography, it is spontaneously controlled by the person (director, cameraman, or producer) behind the camera.

Video production Vs. Video editing

Technically, video editing is part of post-production. Sometimes people come with the complete project to just avail the video editing services, and sometimes it is done after the project is completed.

The editor performs this task digitally once the video or image is recorded. The video editing process includes the verdicts from the director and the project owner as well.

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Video Production Types

We have enlisted the most popular video production types that are being made and can be used for all sorts of businesses. Let’s check out!:

Website Video

After the digitalization of the world, most of the businesses are run through websites. Companies make website videos to market their brand and let their audience know more about their company.

A website video can explain the product & services you are providing, the new launches you are about to release, new initiatives, your company’s history, and more. It is the best marketing tool for businesses to set their tone.

In other words, a website video engages the potential customers and brief them on your business concept and ideas that they won’t get anywhere else.

You can post corporate videos on your website to engage more and connect your audience to the core idea of your business.

If you want to create a corporate video for your web page, look at these best corporate video production companies that can serve you with their top-notch services.

P.S: Keep in mind that interesting videos on your website can boost your traffic and increase the conversion ratio.

TV commercials

Since the beginning of television, companies have been advertising their brand and business through commercials.

From 15 to 60 seconds, the company aims to deliver its sales pitch to potential customers. If your targeted audiences are in the same country as yours, you can post your commercial on national television, and if you serve international customers, then you can also contact the international television forum or post it on your social media accounts.

Take a look at this magnificent commercial by Audi.

Undoubtedly, an inspirational commercial video.

Product Video

If you are a product-producing company, then this type will surely be going to help you.

The product video is made to demonstrate how the product works and is better than the existing ones. You highlight the benefits and features of the product, so the customer and audience understand it better.

Check out this product video by Accelerated Videos, which will help you understand how to make a product video.

P.S: If you want creative ideas for product videos, check out some creative Product demo videos or animated product videos.

App Video

The App videos are the best choice for app development firms. You can demonstrate the app’s working to your customer through an app demo video.

Due to the high production rates of applications, it is very tough to stay ahead of the competitors, but the app demo video allows you to teach your customers how your app is helpful to them and why they should prefer your app over the competitor’s app.

Check how brilliantly McDonald’s has demonstrated its app working via 2D animation app demo video.

It is quite an interesting way to engage and educate.

P.S: If you want creative ideas for app explainer videos, check out the 12 Best App Explainer Video Examples.

An open-box Video

Most are seen on YouTube where the host opens the box and reveals its products. eBay, Amazon, and Walmart often create videos showing their customers what to expect when purchasing the product.

How-To Video

How-to videos are instructional videos where the audience learns how to perform specific tasks step-by-step. The how-to videos are different from the typical marketing video and are usually used for educational purposes only.

If you are a company and building a product that needs step-by-step guidance, then this type of video is for you. Not just products, but even services need directions.

Learn some framing and composition techniques for beginners – an informative how-to video.

Explainer Animation

You can communicate your business goal, company message, or product concept to the customer via animated explainer videos.

Animation makes it engaging with its cartoonish visuals, bold graphics, and sound effects and lets your audience connect emotionally with your company.

Social Media Video

With the rapid growth of social media platforms, people stick to the sites day and night. If you want your marketing to get caught in the eyes of your targeted demographics, then social media videos are ideal for you.

If you post videos on social media, your conversion rate can accelerate to 9.21% and get potential leads.

A GoodBye

Hopefully, you have found this article useful, and all the cloud has been cleared. If you want any assistance in the video production process, BuzzFlick is here to help you out.

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  • How to hire a video production company?

Keep some key points in your mind while hunting for a video production company:

  • What services are they providing?
  • What are their clients and partners?
  • Check their testimonials and portfolios.
  • How long has the company been providing its services?

Try to gather the answers to these questions. Once you have them, you’ll know which company suits your video production requirements.

  • What will be the cost of the video production?

The cost can be calculated once you have selected the services and the company. Talk out your requirements and get a quote about their services.

Don’t settle on one company, gather quotations from other companies as well, and select what suits your pocket best.

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