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Learn everything about Video Sales Letters and incorporate them into your email marketing to increase your sales and prospects.

After digitalization, the marketing trend has taken turns in various marketing segments, and one of these is video sales letters.

Sales letters have always been a helpful tool for marketing in every era, but with time, it has been revamped in the form of video sales letters.

Companies and various e-commerce businesses frequently use video sales letters to reach their prospects and educate them about their product’s benefits.

Sales letters and newsletters are similar to each other because both are used to reach the targeted audience and raise brand awareness.

I know there is a question roaming in your head; if they are the same, why do they have different names? Because:

  • A Newsletter generally is used to educate prospects or build awareness about your new products or services. Its name says it all that it is a “news” letter: to inform, but not to sell.
  • A Sales letter defines the benefits of the products or services you have discussed in your promotional posts or newsletters. It aims to define to prospects what your product has to offer.

In this article, we will discuss video sales letters in detail. What sales letters are, how they are helpful for businesses, and how efficiently you can use them in your marketing campaign. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

What is A Video Sales Letter?

Marketers highly recommend using various marketing components while running a marketing campaign. It helps your business a lot to catch maximum engagement and limelight on your products.

The video sales letter is one of the vital marketing assets that aims to provoke the prospects to buy, subscribe, or perform specific actions.

In the past, sales letters were almost 5+ pages long documents that described the product features and benefits in detail. People or targeted customers used to receive these through mail or salesmen, which has been now replaced by video-embedded emails.

Due to virtual and video sales letters, traditional sales letters are rarely used by companies. VSL can easily be used in emails, landing pages, or social pages to boost engagement and conversion.

These days, people look for videos whether they have to learn, explore, or purchase something and run thousands of miles away from the written manuals or guides. This is the reason why marketers have chosen to create interactive sales letters instead of traditional physical ones.

A study has stated that VSL is a hard-sell marketing tactic but is quite efficient and generates remarkable business results in the form of sales and conversion.

And if you are a company that is looking for a new video marketing strategy to launch its product, then video sales letters will be the best tool among the other marketing assets.

Secret Formula to Create a Best Sales Letter

Every tasty and compelling cuisine has some secret ingredients and techniques that make it the best. The same formula goes for video sales letter production, and here are eight elements that can make your email marketing recipe the finest:

· The Attention Grabber

Make sure that your content is convincing, original, and exciting enough for your targeted audience to grab their attention and convert them to your customers.

· Address the Problem

As this sales letter is for your audience, you should address their pain points and the issues you are about to solve. You can use statistics, facts, ratios, and more relatable information to justify your audience’s needs. In short, highlight their problem to them in order to create the need for the solution.

· Connect Emotionally

Talking about the issues or problems your audience is facing will automatically evoke your audience’s emotions. Once your sales pitch has touched their heart, you will surely get some customers at the end of the email.

· Introduce The Solution

Once you have captured the attention and your audience is ready to hook, it’s time to introduce your product to them. Don’t throw the product at their face, but gently match your product features with each problem they are facing.

· Establish Trustworthiness

You must have seen in an electronic store; people always buy appliances from reliable and credible manufacturers. Do you know why? Because they have established their name as a trustworthy company.

Through a sales letter, build your truthful image in the eye of your targeted audience.

Note: Make sure to be authentic and abstain from bragging. Try to show what you are and what you are capable of. Not what you are not!

· Justify Your Credibility

What do you think your targeted audience will trust that easily, everything that you have just said or mentioned so far? No, it will take time, but if you smartly justify being the best in the business, it might speed up the conversion.

You can use testimonials, case studies, statistics, and client reviews to validate your credibility.

· Encourage to Take Action

You have highlighted the problem, suggested the solution, and even proved yourself as a credible company; the next step is to persuade your audience to take action.

The best way to do that is to add call-to-actions (CTAs) in your email so that your audience does not have to look for the portals to perform desired actions.

Note:  You can throw discounts or redeem vouchers at the end of the video or email, which allure your audience to click on the CTAs.

· Closing

At the end of your sales letter, you need to summarize all your information in a brief block that gives your audience the essence of your sales letter.

Top Example of Video Sales Letters

Most marketers use the above formula to make their video and email marketing successful and alter it according to their marketing needs.

You can use various video styles in your sales letters like whiteboard animation, live-action, motion graphics, typography, or a slideshow presentation video of different durations (generally ranging from a few minutes to an hour).

Note: People usually get bored, whether it’s a lengthy text block or a long video. So, try not to drag your video to more than 5 minutes.

We have invested time in searching for some best video sales letter examples and encountered this ClickFunnels video example for you so that you can get inspiration and ideas for your email marketing campaign.

The video’s strategy is instead of talking directly to the audience, and two presenters are having a conversation with each other and discussing the product features and how it works – quite impressive.

Best Video Sales Letter Templates for You

Video or video sales letter production doesn’t mean breaking your budget. You can use the available free templates to create your video sales letter.

Check out some of the best video sales letter templates that have inspired hundreds of companies to run video email marketing.

1. The End Sale Video Template

2. The Infographics Explainer Video Template

3. The App Demo Explainer Video Template

4. The About Us Explainer Video Template

You can use these templates not just for your video sales letter but also put them in your short video marketing campaign too.

Hire a professional video animation company to create videos for your sales letters. You can also add voiceover, special effects, images, and logos into the video to give more of an authentic look.

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