YouTube Analytics: 12 Metrics That Help Measure Video’s Success

youtube metrics: how can they help to measure your video’s success
YouTube metrics can help you to measure the success rate of your video. Read our blog to explore the what are top YouTube metrics and how can you use them.

Without question, video is a critical component of the marketing strategy of the majority of firms. And, when it comes to selecting the finest video hosting site, YouTube should be on the top of your list.

However, how comfortable are you with deciphering the significance of YouTube metrics?

To get the most out of a video-based approach, it’s critical to understand which YouTube Analytics indicators are most relevant to your objectives or which ones provide actionable data that may help you make more lucrative decisions.

If you’re not sure how to create a video marketing plan, watch this video to discover the fundamentals!

The main purpose of adding this tutorial is to teach you all how you can analyze the YouTube Analytics metrics and not just that but also how you can use these YouTube metrics to boost their video strategy for their channel sites.

Today in this blog, we’ll be shedding light on a variety of topics, including how to measure your audience’s interaction and what channel pages are in YouTube Analytics.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

YouTube Analytics Panel

So, let’s begin this blog by learning everything about YouTube Analytics Panel.

Once you’ve logged into your YouTube account, go to the YouTube Analytics panel, the default settings will display results from the last 28 days, but you can always adjust them based on the YouTube metrics you are willing to analyze.

youtube analytics panel example

The YouTube Analytics Panel features 5 major sections:

Overview: It provides a complete overview of the performance of your channel pages and videos. It includes critical performance metrics such as views, watch time, and subscriptions.

Reach: This area provides information on the YouTube traffic sources for your pieces, such as YouTube impressions, click-through rates, and traffic source kinds (channel page, browse features, and more).

Engagement: This report on YouTube analytics includes data on average view duration, viewing time, top videos, etc.

Audience: This section contains information on your audience’s characteristics, such as demographics, gender, age, to name a few.

Revenue: This section gives an insight into your earnings.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, it’s time to discuss the most important and valuable YouTube metrics you can use to optimize your videos’ performance and plan a more effective video content & marketing strategy.

The Top YouTube Analytics Metrics


the top youtube analytics metrics views

To begin, you need to realize that YouTube Analytics considers a piece to be “seen” if it is viewed for 30 seconds or longer.

Views are perhaps the most often used YouTube Analytics metric since they indicate whether or not your video is reaching your intended audience.

Having a large number of organic views indicates that your videos are performing and ranking well in search results, which is fantastic!

However, popularity and a high view count are only the tip of the iceberg.

Watch Time

the top youtube analytics metrics watch time

How long are your videos truly being viewed? That is the information acquired and analyzed by the watch time metric. The job of the metric is to add up the total watch time of viewers.

This is a critical YouTube metric since the platform rewards channel pages with a greater average view time. Why? Because YouTube’s algorithm determines that a video’s view time is more intriguing the longer it is.

Finally, dividing Watch Time by Total Views yields an important YouTube metric: Average Duration of Views.

Average View Duration

This report provides an estimate of the average number of minutes viewed. That is, whether viewers watch your video content through to the conclusion or if they swiftly exit.

the top youtube analytics metrics average view duration

This measure assists you in determining the optimal duration of your videos. AVD is also calculated for individual videos or for the whole collection of videos on your channel page.

Additionally, this YouTube metric provides information about your video’s interaction. Increased average view length results in increased overall watch time, which improves your videos’ placement on Recommended and Suggested video lists.

Average Percentage Viewed

the top youtube analytics metrics average percentage viewed

This indicator represents the length of time spent watching each video by the average viewer. It’s an excellent measure of how well your video holds a viewer’s interest.

The more engaging your videos are, the more exposure your content will receive from the platform, which will promote your YouTube channel page and videos to more people.

Audience Retention

This indicator indicates the percentage of viewers that saw and then exited your video at various points during the video. Additionally, as previously said, if your visitors remain riveted to the screen for an extended period of time, the platform is more likely to promote them.

Additionally, the audience retention metric is a valuable tool for facilitating you to enhance your content since it can indicate correlations between what your audience enjoys and what portions of your videos they skip.

YouTube Impressions

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How are YouTube impressions calculated?”

the top youtube analytics metrics youtube impressions

Essentially, it is a YouTube video Analytics metric that indicates how many times your video thumbnail has been seen. To be counted as an impression by YouTube Analytics, the thumbnail must be shown for more than one second, and at least 50% of it must be visible on the screen.

YouTube impressions are calculated only when your video thumbnail shows in the platform’s search results, not on external websites. Therefore, how are YouTube video analytics impressions calculated? We’ve included a list of them below:

  • YouTube Home
  • Search results
  • YouTube feeds (history, subscriptions, watch later)
  • Videos in playlists
  • “Up Next” recommendations

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YouTube Impression Click-Through Rate

youtube impression click through rate dashboard example

This is, without a doubt, one of the most beneficial YouTube metrics. It determines the frequency with which people watch your video after viewing its thumbnail or the percentage of YouTube impressions that convert to views.

A high YouTube impressions CTR indicates that your video’s thumbnail is really appealing, but it also indicates that you choose the proper title. Taken together, you’ve created quite a creative and engaging piece.

According to YouTube video analytics, the CTR is often greater when you first submit a video and subsequently decreases when the film goes outside your target demographic.

YouTube Traffic Sources

youtube traffic sources dashboard example

While YouTube has not provided a way for you to discover who saw your videos, you can identify where they were located.

YouTube Analytics generates a report on your Traffic Sources, indicating how viewers discovered your content: via the regular search, YouTube browse feature, a suggested video, visiting your YouTube channel page, or an external referral, such as a website or social media where you have embedded your video.

Additionally, the list of your YouTube traffic sources includes extra yet helpful data such as views, watch time, and impressions. These YouTube analytics might aid in the optimization of your video approach.

Let’s take a brief look at all traffic source types.

YouTube Search

This metric of YouTube informs you of the search phrases used by platform users, which may be quite beneficial because it gives you good keywords to mine for future videos!

YouTube Suggested Videos

These are the views you’re accumulating as a result of suggestions that display alongside or following other videos.

External Traffic Source

This YouTube video analytics report includes a list of all search engines, websites, and social media platforms that have embedded your video content.

YouTube Playlists

This YouTube measure displays the traffic generated by playlists that contain your video, whether they belong to another user or to your own channel.

If you are interested in learning about YouTube playlists, give a read to our step-by-step guide on how to create a YouTube playlist.

YouTube Browse Features

The YouTube explore page includes metrics for users who discover your video via their homepage, subscription feed, or watch later list.

YouTube Channel Pages

What are YouTube Analytics channel pages? They are a measure that takes into consideration the channel pages from which you receive views.

There is a widespread misperception that this YouTube Analytics measure only includes views generated by your own YouTube channel page. The fact is that it also includes visitors discovering your video via topical YouTube channels and other YouTube channel pages.

Among all the numerous sorts of traffic sources, YouTube channel pages perhaps best represent your genuine followers. These individuals did not discover your movie using a keyword search or browse function. Many of them found your video while perusing your YouTube channel page, indicating an interest in your work.


youtube metrics geopraphy

To develop a successful video marketing plan, you must do extensive audience research, which can be accomplished with YouTube Analytics.

YouTube provides you with a list of countries where your audience resides based on their IP address. Along with this chart, it provides the number of views, the average duration of each view, and the duration of each view for each nation.

You can also gain a better insight into your audience by combining this information with other demographic YouTube analytics like viewer age, gender, and device type. If you’re attempting to attract a different demographic, you can also make use of this data to tweak your video content and refocus your plan.

Viewer Gender & Age

This provides you with further insight into who is actually watching your videos. However, why is it critical to understand how to check who saw your YouTube videos? To be sure, having a better grasp of your audience is always quite beneficial when it comes to developing relevant content and making more educated targeted decisions.

Finally, you’ll discover that appealing to demographics is critical for increasing subscription numbers. And subscribers are interested in your material and want to be kept informed; they are not casual visitors! Oh, and while we’re talking about subscribers, let’s take a look at this metric too.


youtube metrix subscribers dashboard example

This metric of YouTube indicates the number of new (or lost!) subscribers to your channel over a certain time period. Additionally, you may filter it by video to see which sort of video content performs best and resonates with your audience. Because one thing is certain: You should absolutely strive to create content that motivates people to come back.

Subscribers, according to YouTube, view twice as much video as non-subscribers. Therefore, an additional suggestion is to do a study and determine what your subscribers enjoy and often watch. This allows you to plan ahead and develop more interesting material to convert them into lifelong followers


youtube metrics device type dashboard example

The YouTube Analytics device report details your audience’s device preferences, including television, computer (desktop and laptop), television, smartphone, gaming console, and tablet.

You can always choose to optimize your content for a certain device based on your audience’s preferences. Because, in general, mobile users will lean toward “on-the-go” videos more than your desktop or television audience, for example.


youtube metrics dashboard example cards

Cards were created by YouTube as an “evolution of annotations.” They’re used to educate viewers about other videos on your channel page, playlists, and websites, among other things!

The YouTube video analytics report on cards displays which cards received the most clicks. As a result, you can use this data to learn a great deal about your audience’s preferences and the kind of videos that motivate them to take action!

Likes and shares

youtube metrics dashboard likes and shares

You should always check these stats to see how people are perceiving and reacting to your video content.

A large number of likes (balanced by a small number of dislikes) indicates to YouTube’s algorithm that your video resonates with your audience, which improves your video’s YouTube SEO and helps it rank higher in search results. Therefore, be sure to check the Likes Vs. Dislikes metrics as well.

However, if you truly want to evaluate the health of your interaction, the finest YouTube Analytics metric to examine is the Shares report. These statistics indicate which videos are so good that viewers couldn’t help but share them!

If you’re looking for top-notch ideas for your YouTube channel, do give a read to top YouTube channels ideas predicated on views and subscribers.

How To Create An Effective YouTube Video Marketing Strategy?

As video is considered to be a 1200% more effective type of content, more and more businesses are investing in this domain.

And without a doubt, YouTube is the best channel to upload your video content. It might be a 15-year-old platform, but in the past few years, it has gotten faster, better, and stronger as time passed.

Today it has 14.3 billion users monthly: that’s more than Amazon, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Instagram. But to become popular on this platform, you need to have a strong YouTube marketing strategy.

There’s nothing different; it’s just like making a video marketing strategy for your video marketing campaigns. But yes, you have to take into consideration all the YouTube metrics we have discussed above to obtain desired results.

To make a YouTube marketing strategy, you need to take the following steps:

  • Determine and comprehend your objectives and targeted audience

It’s critical to remember that identifying your objectives should always be the first step in any marketing plan, whether you use videos or not. You must identify clear goals and focus them on a defined audience.

Establish a clear vision for the purpose of your video. This might act as a marketing road map, guiding you securely to your goal. Additionally, clarifying your objectives can assist you in determining the sorts of videos that are most appropriate for your aims, outlining the purpose of everything, and tracking the performance of your marketing campaign.

Consider the following: Are you use video to attract visitors to your website or YouTube channel page? Do you want to increase your lead generation? Is your ultimate objective to boost brand recognition or conversions? What is the demographic of your intended audience?

  • Aligning the metrics of YouTube with your goals

Not all YouTube analytics are relevant to your objectives and target audience, so you must determine which ones to prioritize. Each of these numbers provides a wealth of important information regarding the performance of your movie. Thus, it is critical to become familiar with each YouTube Analytics indicator in order to fully comprehend what they are monitoring and what they represent for you.

For instance, concentrating on interaction enables you to assess the quality of your video, whereas video count enables you to assess its reach.

In the case of traffic source types, they will provide you with useful information about how to increase the exposure of your videos by indicating whether they are discovered via exploring features, the search bar, your YouTube channel page, or another method.

When utilized carefully, data can also assist you in identifying and resolving issues that may be impeding the full potential of your video strategy.

As we mentioned earlier your content matters too, to seek inspiration do check out the top YouTube video ideas for content creators.

YouTube Analytics Channel Pages’ – FAQs

By now, you’ve undoubtedly developed a firm grip on the critical parameters to monitor when it comes to your YouTube channel’s statistics. However, before you depart, we’d like to address a few commonly asked issues about YouTube channel sites and YouTube analytics capabilities.

  • What are the most popular YouTube browsing features?

The term “YouTube browsing features” refers to all of the display and navigation parts on a YouTube channel page, such as the home screen, subscribers, watch Later, Trending, and Explore sections.

Thus, when “browse features” appear in your traffic data, it indicates that the video view originated from one of those channels.

  • What are the YouTube impressions?

YouTube impressions are tallied anytime your video’s thumbnail is displayed to a user on the platform. In essence, impressions can tell you whether or not your video is making the rounds and catching people’s attention. A video with a large number of impressions but few views may indicate an inadequate thumbnail or title.

  • How can you get more impressions on your channel page on YouTube?

The more people who engage with a video on the site, the more likely it is that it will be shown to more prospective viewers by YouTube’s algorithm. Therefore, if you want to boost YouTube impressions, your first aim should be to create high-quality films that keep viewers engaged throughout.

Optimizing your YouTube channel page and end screen card may also help keep viewers engaged and give your material the boost it needs to reach a wider audience.

  • What is a view metric on YouTube?

A “view” on YouTube occurs when someone voluntarily plays a video and watches it for at least 30 seconds. The platform also counts as a view when someone sees a video advertisement for at least 11 seconds or clicks on it.

  • How to check who has viewed your YouTube videos?

Unlike other social media sites, YouTube does not disclose which specific person interacts with a video. Rather than that, it gives broad information such as average watch duration, traffic source, and others to help you understand your audience’s preferences.

  • Does YouTube take your own views into account?

Yes, YouTube tracks your own views and repeat views on your videos, but only to a certain extent. The platform is reported to count between two and five views every day before ceasing to add them to the video’s view count.

  • How to make a community post on YouTube?

Log into your account, then click “Create > Create Post” at the top of your YouTube channel page. Type your post’s text. Then, either click “Publish” to publish your article immediately or schedule it for later publication. Additionally, you may include an image, GIF, video, or even a poll in your post.

  • How to reset YouTube recommendations?

It’s actually fairly simple to reset your YouTube recommendations. On the right side of the page, click on your YouTube History and search for the option to “Clear All Watch History.” This will clear your viewing history on the platform, and you will begin receiving fresh suggestions based on the videos you watch going ahead.

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Closing Remarks

Congratulations! You’ve completed your first YouTube Analytics class. It wasn’t so difficult, was it?

You now know which YouTube metrics are most important for channel growth since each one provides vital insight into your audience’s activity.

Finally, each YouTube video analytics report may assist you in not only creating more targeted content and optimizing your YouTube channel page but also in better planning your video marketing strategy.

YouTube is one of the essential outreach tools available today, and they make every effort to ensure that you get the most out of your channel. Therefore, apply what you’ve learned and begin optimizing your video marketing plan through the use of fantastic, optimized content!

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