Vmail: 8 Benefits of Adding Vmail to Your Marketing

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Looking for new ways to connect with your audience? Read our blog to learn about Vmail and how it is benefitting businesses.

Email is one of the professional mediums that every brand and organization uses to communicate with their employees and audience.

Every day billions of emails are sent and received globally. Many businesses use videos in their email marketing campaigns to convey their message to their targeted audience.

Marketers prefer to use Vmail to send explainer videos to the recipients to convey their message.

Businesses are focusing on video marketing instead of writing textual content. It saves time and provides more effective results, which is why it has become the first preference of marketers.

In recent years, explainer videos have become a hot trend. Companies use explainer videos to promote their offerings. It helps them in explaining the features and benefits of products or services.

You can embed explainer videos in your emails to make your content more engaging.

According to BuzzFlick, an email with a video boosts click-through rates by 300%. Large-scale and medium-sized businesses use video marketing to communicate with the audience and enhance their marketing activities.

Video is one of the most powerful mediums that help in marketing, so it is highly beneficial to use videos as a promotional tool.

Here in this blog, you will learn about Vmail and how you can use it to communicate effectively with the audience.

What is Vmail?

When we talk about Vmail, many people get confused and think this term refers to voicemail. However, Vmail means embedding video in email to support your message, which helps in encouraging your audience to take the desired action.

These days marketers are focusing more on video content. They send video content through emails to build their positive brand image and audience interest in the company.

25% of brands post videos weekly, and utilizing videos in email is an ideal way to promote your business.

Are Vmails Helpful?

Communication with the audience is critical for businesses. With the inception of digital marketing, businesses can use various tools to enhance their communication with the target audience.

You are not the only one who is sending emails. Nowadays, many companies are sending emails, and people mostly overlook them. If you are sending emails without using a video, it gives an impression to the receiver that you are sending salesy emails like other companies.

It creates a negative impact, and your audience most likely moves your emails into the spam folder. So, try to give your audience a unique experience by using a video in the email with a personalized message.

Use Vmail marketing to communicate effectively with the recipient to show your brand’s personality. If your audience finds a video in the email, it also helps increase their understanding of your message.

That is why people prefer to use Vmail instead of traditional email marketing.

Consider the following tips when creating your Video Email (Vmail) strategy.

Your video should portray your brand’s personality and include relevant content to the email that supports your message.

  • Send a highly engaging video to influence your target audience. For instance, you can use an animated video that promotes your product or service. Video can help in convincing your audience to choose your brand over competitors.
  • Try to keep your video normal, natural, and creative. Create a video that reflects a creative idea that helps promote your offerings.
  • Write “Video” in the email subject to attract audience interest. When a recipient receives an email, the first thing that captures the user’s attention is the email’s subject.

Who can Use Vmail?

Anyone can use Vmail! Mainly large- or small-scale businesses use it to enrich their email marketing campaigns. It helps in improving brand awareness and conversion rate.

You can add Vmail and compare the results if your company uses automated email systems. It will help you in knowing the impact of Vmail by measuring the ROI and conversion rate before and after your email campaign.

Benefits of Using Vmails

Vmail helps in improving the results of email marketing campaigns. So, let’s dive deeper and learn about the benefits of incorporating Vmail into the video marketing strategy.

Vmails Increase Shares

Marketers can use short videos in Vmail. It improves shareability because people prefer to share short videos. Many marketers use animated videos in their emails because people love to watch and share them.

However, people share unique video content that adds value to their knowledge. So, it is better to use videos instead of sending only textual content in the email.

Using videos in email helps connect with the audience who are not on your recipients’ list. When you send videos to your existing customers, they will most likely share your Vmail videos with their friends and family.

It positively impacts your marketing efforts and builds your brand’s online presence. You can add the share option or link in your email.

It encourages email subscribers to send videos to their social circle by clicking on share. It can improve your shares, and your video content will spread like a fire.

If you want to increase your shares, add a share button, it encourages your audience, and they can easily share your videos.

Opportunity To Boost Your Marketing Activities

The first impression can create a meaningful impression on the recipients. By incorporating a video in your email, you can impress your audience. Create a video that aligns with your brand values.

It influences your audience’s decision-making, and they remember you. It takes your branding to the next level and improves your conversions.

Close More Deals

Vmail is one of the most effective mediums that convert your prospect into a loyal customer. 78% of marketers think video improves their conversion rates. So, it shows that through Vmail, you can boost your sales.

It is Easy to Track your Vmail Results

The best thing about Vmail is that you can monitor the results of your campaigns. Many businesses prefer to use Vmail because it is easy to check the impact of videos.

Except for videos, no other tool provides the quick results of campaigns.

People consider Vmail as one of the best ways of marketing, and you can instantly check the insights like views, viewer information, shares, and more.

Make User Experience Memorable

A video that conveys your message and supports your textual content helps provide a unique experience to the audience.

Adding Vmail to your marketing strategy is an ideal way that provides the audience with an unforgettable experience.

If your video is crafted flawlessly, it indeed impresses your audience. Focusing on making the user experience better help in increasing their trust and interest in your brand.

Pro Tip: Sometimes, even a 30-second video can do wonders. You can use a 30-second commercial video, to sum up your message.

Skyrocket the Click-through Rates

Vmail help in improving the conversion rate. A marketing video can increase traffic by 300%. It reflects that people love to watch video content and prefer those brands who use video marketing. Keep your videos short and concise to achieve more effective results.

Increase Email Open Rates

The ultimate goal of every business is to capture your audience’s interest. Create a video with engaging content that effectively conveys your brand’s message, even with a static thumbnail. Adding videos helps increase the open email rates because 54% of people prefer to open Vmail.

Make your Email Marketing Effective

You can use Vmail as it is an ideal way to enhance marketing efforts faster and better. As we have discussed above, it helps increase the email open and click-through rates.

In Vmail, you can incorporate an embedded link to your videos to boost your email campaigns and effectively communicate with your audience. So, introduce Vmail to your Marketing Strategies to achieve your business objectives.

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In a Nutshell

Digital tools have changed the dynamics of marketing. Businesses are investing their budgets in digital mediums instead of spending on traditional ways of marketing. Vmail has become the most preferred marketing tool.

After reading this blog, you will be able to understand the benefits of using Vmail and why businesses are using it to communicate with the audience.

Benefits of Vmail – FAQs

  1. Are Vmails Effective?

Using Vmail is one of the best ways to achieve your business objectives. Video is more effective than text or images. It provides an unforgettable experience to the audience.

Vmail captures subscribers’ interest, and they will easily understand your brand’s message and choose you over competitors.

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