Everything You Need To Know About Explainer Videos

an ultimate step by step guide to explainer videos (2)
Everything you need to know about explainer videos, including their definition, production process, and creation of an engaging explainer guide, is covered in this guide.


What image or idea comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “explainer video”? You might think of videos explaining a concept. Well, you’re right to some extent.

But let me tell you, there is so much more to it.

Everything you need to know about explainer videos, including their definition, production process, and creation of an engaging explainer guide, is covered in this guide.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Social media marketing, a whole industry, is one of the most critical factors in getting your company noticed. Setting clear marketing objectives is all required; the explainer videos will take care of the rest. They are the fastest-growing ad type and are most widely used by businesses in all sectors.

The video’s combination of visual and audible information makes it a helpful tool and much more powerful than text. And it is recommended that if you want to describe your product or service, an explainer video will do that for you.

Not only this, an explainer video will market your product or service and generate leads and revenue for your brand.

Moreover, Viewers prefer to watch a video rather than read a long passage of text. They are attracted to the visuals and the colors it includes. And to be honest, it is more affordable than publishing booklets or printing many brochures.

The Video Marketing Stats You Should Know

According to the current marketing fad, videos will likely become the most effective marketing medium over the next few years.

  • In 2023, 96% of marketers acknowledge the importance of video as a key element in their marketing strategy. Furthermore, 91% of businesses are utilizing video as an effective marketing tool.

Source: wyzowl

  • 52% of companies prioritize video as a means to educate and inform their audience.

Source: Wistia

  • In today’s digital landscape, 75% of individuals engage with short-form video content on their mobile devices.

Source: https: Insider Intelligence

  • As we approach 2024, there are strong indications that video advertising could potentially overtake search advertising as the dominant format for mobile ad spending.

Source: Statista

  • Among the leading global video platforms, YouTube emerges as the dominant choice, with a staggering 90% of marketers utilizing it for their marketing efforts.

Source: Statista

How Can an Explainer Video Help Your Company?

These are few ways an explainer video might help new as well as established businesses enter the market with their niche products.

  • Clearer Product/Service Explanation: Explainer videos elucidate the functions and usefulness of your offering.
  • Audience Attention: These videos captivate viewers and hold their interest.
  • Conversion Boost: They contribute to higher conversion rates.
  • Social Media Superiority: Videos excel in performance on social media platforms.
  • Compatible with faster and more efficient information distribution.
  • Useful for Mobile Marketing.

Still, if you need additional justifications for how explainer videos can strengthen your whole marketing plan, you can have a one-on-one consultation with BuzzFlick.

Explainer Videos and Online Advertising

Explainer videos are excellent promotional materials if you want to increase traffic to your website or make people aware of it. The top of the funnel is where you should use this promotional video (TOFU).

If the animated explainer video’s components appeal to your target demographic, it could be a brilliant place to build brand trust.

Explainer videos would also be a useful internet marketing tactic for establishing brand trust Because they are to the point and engaging. They are also beneficial for YouTube marketing in particular, as well as general social video marketing.

The Basics

What is an Explainer Video?

A short, appealing animated video that concisely and effectively communicates the critical characteristics of your product. Businesses frequently utilize it to launch a new product that stands out from those of their rivals. They have a purpose beyond serving as cute, small, and aesthetic features to draw in clients.

It has four main goals:

  • To draw attention
  • Hold viewers’ attention
  • Engage them
  • Convince them to take action.

Since explainer videos are among the best marketing strategies if you want to boost your conversion rates, go for it.

Potential customers will have no issue trusting you if they understand what your brand stands for and what you have to offer. And we all know that people only buy from a brand they trust.

Break down your subjects and complex information about your brand into smaller chunks to make it easier for your clients to understand and grasp that information.

For the highest level of engagement, an explanatory video of 30 seconds to 2 minutes is recommended that explains your business, its offers, and its products.

However, if you’re doing a how-to video for a software installation, your video can potentially go for up to ten minutes. In our opinion, your aim is the essential thing in this situation.

Who Needs an Explainer Video?

When discussing their video marketing strategy, many businesses choose explainer videos as one of the most effective advertising forms. Keeping this in mind, we can state that today, all types of firms require a video marketing strategy to compete in the market.

Online learning or courses

Explainer videos can be an excellent, affordable medium for online classes that can help learners comprehend more because of their beautiful animation, captivating narrative-driven storylines, and clear scripts.

They provide students the freedom to learn at their speed and according to their schedule. Anywhere and anytime they want, users can download, store, play, stop, and even fast-forward it.

Healthcare or medical business

The subject of health care can be very intimidating, especially for beginners. It can be difficult for marketers to communicate their messaging and broaden their audience effectively.

Explainer videos work well for simplifying this complicated material. They will assist you in decomposing the subjects into smaller and easy-to-digest chunks. Moreover, animation can also be used to explain concepts that are impossible to convey with an actual camera

SaaS companies

Some people find it very difficult to explain anything that has to do with technology. Because of this, SaaS enterprises find it challenging to communicate the benefits of their software or service to their audience.

An explainer video is a terrific method to promote or pitch your offer to prospective investors, assist in the launch of your app, and increase conversions and signups, in addition to helping you clear your SaaS explanations for potential users or customers.

Human resources department

Managers or leaders can supplement their new-hire training sessions with explainer videos. Using an instructional video to increase retention is far better than offering new workers reams of material to read and memorize.

You can improve the onboarding process in this manner. Also, keep in mind that a successful onboarding process builds the groundwork for an employee’s and an organization’s long-term success. It can increase productivity, foster engagement and loyalty, and support staff members’ early career success in the new company.

Construction industry

Clear explainer videos or tutorials might be useful to construction businesses. This kind of video can be used for a variety of purposes, including worker training, demonstrating a particular method of building construction, “developing” brands, increasing qualified leads, and putting your business in front of the appropriate decision-makers.

Explainer videos can be used for a variety of purposes by a construction sector, including;

  • Safely performing essential building tasks.
  • Learning to recognize probable threats.
  • Educating employees on how they each fit within a process leads to.
  • Workers’ ability to define priorities and comprehend the project’s common aim has improved.

The Right Formula

The technique for producing a good explainer video that engages viewers is easy. Use pictures or animations to describe the problem your audience is facing. Talk to them in their language (use words that are easier for them to understand) and from their point of view.

Highlight the benefits of your product or service and how they can assist the audience in solving their issue. Describe in detail how the visitor can benefit from your product or service in the section under “How It Works.”

In addition, highlight the superior alternative your rivals lack. Tell the audience exactly what to do next to purchase the good or service and make their lives simpler in the call to action you provide after your video.

The Ideal Duration

As a marketer, you have many things to talk about with your clients, I know. However, with explainer videos, less is more.  An explainer video frequently has the issue of straying from its primary objective, which was to explain a product to viewers in a short amount of time.

An explainer video should be between 45 and 90 seconds in duration. That’s the ideal duration of how long or short your explainer video should be. Any period less than 45 seconds is a narrow window for communicating your idea, and more than 90 seconds might bore your audience, and they can lose interest in your video and your product/service.

According to the statistic, a viewer will become distracted and cease viewing a video within two minutes.

Above all, you should concentrate on your message and how to make it short and interesting for your audience. Make sure your message is clear and understood by your target audience. You shouldn’t aim for a particular number of minutes or seconds that how long your explainer video is.

The Essential Components

A professional video production explanation is extremely difficult. There are several things you must do before you sit in the editor’s chair.

Explainer videos are a combination of numerous components that complement one another. The aesthetic of a successful explainer video can vary, but the key parts of an explainer video remain constant.

Every successful explainer video should include the following production elements:


Your script should be basic and concise while hitting all of the key points to spark the viewer’s interest in your business! Our goal is to convince our viewers through our words.

Within the first 30 seconds of the explainer video, the audience should understand what you’re attempting to express. They’ll lose interest if they don’t know what they’re listening to.

Address your audience directly! This means using the first-person voice to establish a more personal connection with your audience. Even if it’s simply a person on the screen chatting to them, the tone has a big influence and might be the difference between a lead and a convert!

An explainer video script checklist:

  • Address your intended audience
  • State the Problem
  • Solutions that are currently available
  • A list of the problems with those solutions
  • How YOUR solution differs from others
  • What are the advantages of using your product?
  • Call to action
  • Who to contact and where to find them?
  • Tagline
  • Make sure everything is no more than 180 words.

Background music and sound effects

While explainer videos are primarily about eye-catching visuals and flawless transitions between frames, there is much more to them.

Background music is important for providing complexity to the overall vibe of an explanatory video. To some extent, selecting the correct music can influence how viewers respond to the video and create a positive effect on your audience.

Incorrect use of background music and track selection will lower its value. So, make sure you select the best and most appropriate one for your explainer video. The correct background music adds color to your whole composition and transforms a dull video into something more appealing.


You’ll need a professional voice actor for this phase! It is a crucial component when explaining how this product/service works. It’s significant since this is what your potential consumers or clients will hear behind the animation.

If the voice-over isn’t good, the viewer won’t be interested in the product. How can people be interested if they can’t even hear what you’re saying due to bad voice quality?

Also, if you want your viewers to feel emotionally linked to the video, be sure to employ a native professional voice actor! Also, make sure the voice fits the character completely. I don’t only mean gender and nationality; I also mean age and emotional compatibility.


Consider it a basic sketch of your eventual explanatory video. It is created after the script for an explainer video is finalized. It decides how your explainer will be delivered and how your video will look once it’s created.

It will comprise all of your video’s activities, camera shots, and transitions. When you will finish your storyboard, you’ll have a good sense of how your video will appear in the right order.

This type of representation shows you where you’re missing and allows you to simply correct things. Consider it an outline for your explainer video.

Why do you need a storyboard?
  • It aids with the visual organization of your ideas.
  • It unifies your team’s vision.
  • It greatly simplifies the video-producing process.
  • Increases the effectiveness of your video
  • It is a visual notebook for ideas.

Graphics or animations

This is the point at which your video begins to come to life! After you’ve completed the fundamental procedures, it’s time to put them all together. Don’t you think this is the most thrilling stage yet? To watch all of your efforts transform into an incredible video!

Animation is crucial in making your video appear as dynamic and empathetic as feasible. If it’s not done correctly, it’ll just appear like a quick slideshow of your storyline and illustration! That’s not what we want, is it?


It is a critical component of any marketing content that is frequently disregarded. An effective, to-the-point CTA is crucial if you want to boost your conversions.

The Cost of an Explainer Video

There are no common guidelines for determining the price of a video. Every business operates differently! A firm can provide you the same quality video and service for ten times another company’s expense. In this instance, you are not only paying for the service, but also the brand.

The cost has always been an issue in a professional video production business.

How much does an explanatory video cost?

A studio-produced animated explainer video can cost anything from $2,000 to $50,000. Typically, production costs vary based on the following factors: work quality, type of animation, visual representations, music, sound effects, voice-over artist, length, delivery time, and so on.

If that’s not your budget, don’t worry! Because of the internet, you can now produce your DIY explainer videos utilizing web tools and explainer video makers. Why not give it a try?

Getting started

Explainer videos are marketing tools, which means you should think about numerous factors before spending your money on one.

Let’s go through all of the steps involved in making a great explainer video.

Pre-production Process

Before you can begin developing an explanation video, you must first prepare many things. The planning stage is known as pre-production.

Many marketers are eager to get started on the production process as soon as feasible. Spending enough time in pre-production to lock out the video’s concept is an often missed phase in the production process.

In reality, this is a critical stage. It’s where we get everything in order so that the remainder of the manufacturing process runs smoothly.

What do you need to prepare for or accomplish during this phase?

  • Research about the target market, audiences, rivals, current trends, etc
  • Define the company’s aims and personality.
  • Establishing a budget to spend
  • Equipment and video locations list (if you create a live-action explainer video)
  • Discussions about concepts or ideas with your team
  • Scriptwriting

Production Process

After you’ve prepared everything, you’re ready to imagine your ideas and bring them to life throughout the production phase.

During this procedure, you will bring your team, equipment, talent (actors), and any essential props to the venue and shoot all of the necessary videos.

If you’re making an animated explainer video, this is where you’ll include features like motion graphics, animation, or voice-overs.

The manufacturing process includes several critical functions, including recording voice-overs, music, sound effects, and animation.

Post-production Process

The work done throughout the production phase will be referenced during the post-production process. Some elements can be overlooked throughout the production process. For example, you were unaware of the coloring that occurs during post-production or audio mixing.

This is the stage in which all of the footage you shot or the animation you generated is put together and the finishing touches are done, the components that truly make the video pop are applied to the finished result.

In other words, you ensure that everything is correct and properly placed. So you’ll be organizing, trimming, coloring, and editing the production footage.

Different Types of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a combination of marketing and creative design, which means they can have a wide range of aesthetics and functions. There are more styles than you probably realize.

We noted briefly at the outset that there are two sorts of explainer videos: animated and live-action.

Animation vs. Live action

Animated explainer videos come in a variety of forms. The production process, pricing, and method of explanation distinguish animated explainer videos from live-action ones. But no, one is not superior to the other.

As you can already know, animated explainer videos are ideal for explaining complex procedures or concepts. As a result, organizations in complex information industries, such as healthcare, real estate, SaaS, finance, and IT, rely heavily on animation to simplify their messaging and produce more snackable and easy explanations.

Live-action videos, on the other hand, do an excellent job of humanizing your business since they feature actual actors, language, and even skits. When it comes to being accessible and evoking emotions in your viewers, live-action explainer videos can be the greatest option.

Consider the following before deciding whether to employ animated explainer videos or live-action videos:

  • Brand image
  • Audiences to target
  • Your budget
  • Allotted time
  • Resources.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos are another type of entertainment that is widely available, particularly on YouTube. Whiteboard animations are entertaining to watch and greatly interest consumers with the way the drawings move. It fulfills the aim of an explanatory video without breaking the bank!

Another purpose of employing Whiteboard animation video is to explain a complicated subject or service to the visitors. Since of the nature of whiteboard animation, it is simpler to absorb the information because it builds the notion gradually rather than throwing it all on the audience at once!

Motion Graphic Animation

Motion graphics explainer videos rely heavily on creativity to convey their messages. These fascinating videos are typically put into action when the context is complicated and you do not want the viewers to become confused.

They are similar to 2D animation; however, these videos are not still images.

3D Animation

If you have a budget plan, 3D animation must be your explanation video. Because of the amount of complexity, the type is costlier, but it is also quite entertaining if done well! A 3D animation explainer video will leave the spectator speechless for a few seconds.

Screencast Animation

Screencast animation incorporates screenshots as well as voice narration. It is typically used by SaaS companies to demonstrate the app’s interface or to provide users with step-by-step guidance on using a feature.

Kinetic Typography Animation

This style of animated explainer video is ideally suited for social media marketing. It brings the text to life with beautiful transitions and eye-catching typefaces. Even without sound, viewers will grasp what the video is about.

Silhouette Animation

As the name implies, silhouette animation is a style of video that features dark silhouettes on a contrasting background. The viewer’s curiosity will be sparked immediately because it is not something people see every day.

Insider tips

An explainer video is useless if it does not engage your viewers in the way you want it to. To create an engaging explanation video:

Start with a problem

Create a powerful beginning to compel people to watch it all the way through. State the issue that your audience is now dealing with. You can begin by asking a question.

This contributes to an emotional connection and makes your video more relevant. It also demonstrates that you understand your target audience and desire to make their life simpler, if not better.

Starting with a hard-selling line can turn off your audience and they might discontinue watching your explainer video. If you want to convince them to watch it fully and with concentration, conduct some research on your target audience, identify their pain points, and how you can give answers utilizing your product or service.

Try not to sell and provide your viewers with the solution they need.

Benefits, not features

It would be a terrific selling point to have such advanced features that competitors do not have. However, you should never spend a whole minute talking about those features. We don’t have to brag about them.

In truth, your target audience could care less about those amazing features. They just worry about how they can be benefitted from your product.

Instead of focusing just on the characteristics and stating them one by one, it is always preferable to divide them into benefits. “What are those features for?” and “How can they aid the audience?”

Make it all about the audience

A marketer has a lot to say and always ensures that his viewers do not miss anything. But the issue is no one wants to watch a video for a minute only to hear a business talk about its products.

In other words, make your explainer video focused on the consumer. Make it relatable for them.

Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer to think like them. This way, you’ll better understand the better idea of what they need to view and what would tire them. Avoid needless information or fluff that will only confuse your visitors and cause them to click away.

Have some fun

The benefit of creating an explanation video is that you can employ tone and vocabulary that is appropriate for your target audience. You can use comedy to engage your audience and raise their awareness.

Writing a nice, witty screenplay might be the most effective approach to communicating your message and helping your audience remember it longer. When your audience thinks your videos so amusing, they share them with their social network and have a nice laugh.

That is how you increase your exposure. Humor in your explainer video also prevents your message from feeling like a commercial.

However, not every humor can improve video performance. If you get them incorrect, you risk damaging your reputation.

Pay attention to audio quality

Background music, sound effects, and voiceovers are equally as crucial as the visuals in an explainer video. After all, both aural and visual elements must be balanced for the tale to run properly.

Nothing ruins a video faster than bad audio quality. No matter how much money you spend on the aesthetics, if the viewer doesn’t grasp what you’re saying, the video will fall flat.

Invest in a high-quality microphone to generate crystal-clear voice-over (or pay pros), engaging background music, and sound effects. Professional audio will assist you in setting the tone and eliciting a wide range of emotions.

Best Platforms

It doesn’t matter how clever your explanation videos are if no one sees them. This is why you should learn about the platforms you should employ to get your explainer videos the attention they deserve.

When it comes to the ideal platform for explainer videos, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It all relies on your goals, target audiences, and messages you want to convey.

Concentrate on the platform/channel where the majority of your audience spends most of their time.


A website is one of the most frequent and strong platforms for hosting explanation videos. After all, it serves as your 24-hour internet store.

This is the potential website clients will see when searching for your company name.

Including an explainer video on your website not only increases traffic and improves your search engine ranking, but also helps visitors better understand your business.

So, if you want to rank on the first page of Google search results and educate your visitors more effectively, the website should be your go-to platform for hosting explainer videos.

Social Media Platform

With over 4.4 billion users globally, social media platforms have evolved into effective marketing avenues for businesses.

When you need to increase your online profile, broaden your reach, and communicate with potential clients in the most informal way possible using explainer videos, you should use social media sites.

Isn’t YouTube the first social media network that springs to mind when we think about videos? Every day, about 5 billion videos are seen on YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine.

Meanwhile, Facebook has some modest promise for increasing the exposure of your explanation video. Almost 500 million visitors watch 100 million hours of video material daily on our network. You can reach a larger audience by using Facebook advertisements.

You might also not want to pass up prospects provided by Instagram. Daily, over 70% of Instagram users consume video material in the form of Stories. With the introduction of the new function Reels, the popularity of videos on this platform is only growing.

Even on LinkedIn, your explainer videos can receive the attention they deserve, since video postings produced over 300 million impressions on the network. If you develop B2B explainer videos, there is no better location to post them than LinkedIn.

Not to mention Twitter. Every day, over 1.2 billion video views are recorded on the site. Also, it can come as no surprise that video is the highest-performing content genre on the web, according to numerous statistics.

E-commerce platform

Suppose you manage an online shop or an e-commerce platform. In that case, you should consider including explainer videos to provide potential consumers with information about your products or services, such as how it works, how they will benefit the customer, what it looks like, how customers can use it, and more.

Explainer videos show your voice, face, and eyes as if you were standing there in front of your consumers.

It is not enough to just provide potential clients with a dull, text-based description. They want to have a visual of it so they can create clear expectations before purchasing.

As a result, it aids in the development of trust. Also, keep in mind that individuals will only buy from a reputable brand.


If you’re having trouble keeping leads, growing mailing lists, or increasing monthly newsletter open rates, it’s time to incorporate explainer videos into your email marketing strategy.

Your subscribers have had enough of subpar brand emails. Their inboxes are stuffed with promos and special deals. Sending them text-heavy emails is a surefire way to get them buried, if not in the trash folder.

When you include a short explanation video in your email newsletter, subscribers or recipients can absorb your messages more quickly and efficiently.

It distinguishes your email from the crowd, making it much simpler to attract and maintain your receivers’ attention.

Top Online Tools

You can now make your DIY explainer video utilizing low-cost or even free web resources. You don’t need to employ an expert or even have basic design abilities.

With hundreds of software options available, it can be difficult to choose the ones you require.

Render Forest

You can use this tool to produce video clips, logo revealers, and presentation videos. You can also use this tool to create an explainer animation, including adding text to the video, which makes it very easy for viewers who are watching the video on mobile devices.

This application provides you with a plethora of ready-to-use templates for all types of video making (whiteboard animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, animated presentations).

So, in minutes, you can quickly make a DIY explainer video that corresponds to your business and targets viewers.


This application makes it simple to produce animated videos that people can share on social media or embed into their websites. This program also allows you to effortlessly add background music and other features.

It also allows you to make free explainer videos, which can be a wonderful way to try out your concept before investing in paid services.


This program features a very simple editor that you can use to rapidly produce videos. It comes with pre-made layouts and characters, as well as background music selections.

You can also upload your photographs, which is helpful if you want to compare infographics or screenshots from different projects/websites.


MySimpleShow is one of the best tools for generating whiteboard explanation videos.

This application allows you to create an intriguing whiteboard animation by imagining a hand dragging things across the screen and swiping them away.

It includes a large library of vector pictures and animated characters that can be used to create informative visual and interactive explainer videos.


If you’re a pro or have creative abilities, you can also utilize Wideo to make animated explainer videos from scratch.

The wideo contains over 1300 pictures and 50+ music tracks, making it much easier to make full HD explainer videos. The drag-and-drop interface allows even novices to easily adapt to its capabilities.


Vyond was previously known as GoAnimate, a significant achievement in the explainer video business. It has been operational for over a decade and has over 50 million members globally.

There are no limitations to the number of videos you can make with this application. It also allows you to export your final work to networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, among others, to broaden your audience.


RawShorts is another tool for making professional-looking whiteboard-animated explanation videos using a pull-down menu structure.

It comes with everything you need to make whiteboard-style videos, including free backdrops and images. Its transition and visuals are also truly stunning!


Explaindio features over 100 themes that you can personalize to your taste. It also comes with over 15,000 stock photographs and graphics to use in your explainer videos. It’s an excellent tool for creating whiteboard-style video animations.

You can add up to 100 characters of text on every slide, which is a significant benefit if you’re looking for a simple tool for generating explainer videos for social media sites.

Choosing the Professionals for Explainer Videos

Even if it’s less expensive and faster, making an explainer video isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Some individuals lack the time or perhaps the courage to create their videos. Others can be apprehensive about making mistakes when generating their explainer videos.

If you are one of them, then it’s a better way to hire any video production company that has experience in creating an explainer video.

They’ll assist you in managing the whole video production process and researching your competitors so that the video not only looks professional but facilitate you in standing apart from the competition.

However, if you have a tight budget and cannot afford to hire any video production company, then don’t worry!

Several low-cost explainer video creation businesses produce visually attractive and conversion-driving explainer videos.

Below are some things to think about before hiring an explanation video production firm.

The Allotted Budgets

Each explainer video firm has its own set of bundles and prices. The goal here is to choose one that fits your budget.

Remember that inexpensive explainer video providers do not always imply low-quality production. Even though they are inexpensive, several of them produce pro-quality videos. In other words, cheap cost does not automatically imply poor health.


Most explainer video providers publish portfolios on their websites so that prospects can grasp the tone, quality, and style of their work. You can see what differentiates them from other firms by looking at their showreels, portfolios, and current projects.

Portfolios can also assist you in determining whether a production company’s final goods meet the quality requirements of your company.

Flexibility and Communication

A skilled explainer video business will not just handle the production. Companies like these also emphasize communication to ensure that you receive what you want.  They usually include you in all the stages of the creation. They will also ensure that all specifics are communicated to you before beginning work.

As a result, every suggestion will be considered. Working with a company that gives you freedom and involves you in the creative process will result in an explainer video that is not just professional-looking but also very effective.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

You should also pay more attention to comments and internet reviews. Check out what other people are saying about the production business you wish to work with. You’ll know what to anticipate.

You’ll learn their advantages and disadvantages and be prepared for everything.

5 Best Explainer Video production companies

Look through the list of the top animated explainer video companies below and choose the best one for your project based on the criteria listed above.

#1) BuzzFlick – Explainer Video Production Company

BuzzFlick is a New York-based animation studio. The company has a talented team of animators that work hard to create animated explainer videos.

We are an award-winning video production and animation firm that is ranked among the best explainer video companies.

Our studio has created countless explainer videos for well-known businesses and has gotten favorable feedback from clients on our work style and distinctive videos.

If you’re searching for a studio to create an explainer video for your company, BuzzFlick is the place to go.

#2) Demo Duck – Explainer Video Animation Studio

Demo Duck is a Chicago, Illinois-based explanation video creation firm. The studio has been in the market for some years and has established a name for itself among its rivals.

Demo Duck’s team has created great videos for several of its well-known customers, including Netflix, Crazy Egg, Dropbox, and others.

Demo Duck develops stunning animated animations that are informative and entertaining. The company specializes in animated explainer videos, advertising videos, 2D and 3D animation, and testimonial videos.

As a result, Demo Duck has become the most well-known explainer video creation firm in the industry.

#3) Wyzowl

Wyzowl, based in the United Kingdom, has been producing explanation videos since 2009.

The studio is well-known for its originality and inventiveness in animated explainer video production, having worked with well-known companies such as Dell, Amazon, LG, Oracle, Capital One, TNT, Deloitte, Crucial, Kodak, and others.

They have worked with clients from 40 nations, although the majority are from the United States of America. Wyzowl is the premier explainer video business, producing amazing animated commercials and explainer videos.

In 2020, the studio competed in worldwide contests and won several accolades. Wyzol claims that their competitive team produces 2500 videos with fun, experience, and love.

#4) Studio Pigeon

Studio Pigeon is a renowned animation explainer video company in Krakow, Poland, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The firm employs animators that specialize in 2D and 3D animation, animated explainer videos, infographics, advertising, marketing, motion graphics, and post-production.

Studio Pigeon has been creating new and stunning animated videos since 2013. The studio has collaborated with over 50 nations.

Studio Pigeon is well-known for producing videos that straightforwardly depict complicated business concepts. This studio could be a good fit for your explanation video.

#5) Epipheo – Explainer Video Company

Since 2009, Ephipheo has been producing explainer videos in the United States. The company produces animated explainer videos, academic lectures, social marketing, trade fairs, and brand videos, among other things.

The studio has a team of animators that develop compelling creative videos that assist your brand in engaging more people and attracting more investors. Through their animated videos, they hope to convey the client’s vision to its intended audience while also making communication simpler.

The firm specializes in creating original, eye-catching, and educational 2D and 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and motion graphics videos.

Case Studies

You should now have a better understanding of explainer videos and what you need to bring to the table in order to create engaging, attention-grabbing ones.

Now, we’ll examine some examples of companies that maximize the effectiveness of their explainer video campaigns.


As a cloud storage service, Dropbox grew from a small company to a major corporation with millions of subscribers. In 2009, their website consisted of simply two components: a 120-second explanation video and a download button.

The explainer video is not that great, however. Less than $50,000 is required to create traditional cut-out animation with stop motion and simple narration.

However, its simplicity leads to an increase of 10% in conversions and an increase of $48,000,000 in revenue for the company.

Consider that the company today has around 100 million users. They thereby recruited 10 million new users with a simple and straightforward explanation video!

What makes it work?

  • They begin by addressing the pain points of their target audience.
  • The explainer video emphasizes solutions over individual features.
  • Incorporating an educational film onto their website, they rely heavily on it. There are no other links or messages that interfere.
  • They employ narrative-driven storytelling to convey the content, which makes it far easier for the audience to recall.

Crazy Egg

As a heatmap tool, Crazy Egg must deal with a complex explanation of how its application operates. For some, a heatmap can be an entirely new concept.

They invest in an animated explainer video with motion graphics and screencast animation.

They uploaded the video on their website in order to let visitors understand more about their products. The video demonstrates how the heatmap operates and why its audience requires it.

As a result, this 158-second video resulted in a 67% increase in conversion and more than $21,000 in monthly revenue.

What makes it work?

  • They assist viewers in understanding and admitting the difficulty they are now experiencing and why they want assistance.
  • They employ a warm and informal tone to immediately make viewers feel at ease with the subject.
  • They use the proper style of animation for their messages. It is recommended to use screencast animation that illustrates the software’s interface while presenting program features or software in general.
  • The purpose of the narrations is to address viewers’ questions.


Rypple is a social performance management tool that boosts conversions by increasing free trial signups.

To achieve this objective, they developed a whiteboard-themed animated explanation video. After conducting A/B testing on many web pages, they concluded that they made the right decision by placing the video on the landing page.

As you may know, putting a video on the landing page increases trust and encourages visitors to click the “Sign Up” button. The video raised conversions by 20% as a consequence!

What makes it work?

  • They comprehend the video’s goal and appropriate usage.
  • They did an A/B test to discover the optimal page for the video.
  • They create a scene or situation using fictitious characters to aid the audience in following and remembering the plot.
  • They maintain the screenplay’s brevity by omitting superfluous material and including only audience-relevant details.


So, this was all about explainer videos. We hope you find this guide very informative. However, if you have any questions in your mind then feel free to reach out, you’re more than happy to help!

Eich Eyf

An animation enthusiast who enjoys explaining complex animation techniques, mediums, and videos. Her love for animated films drives her. In her spare time, she enjoys watching animated films from Pixar, Disney, and Illumination productions.

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