Create Captivating Awareness Videos for Your Business

create captivating awareness videos for your business
Create awareness videos to help your prospects with decision-making. Build your product & brand credibility with an awareness video on your landing page.

As a company, thinking about your buyer’s journey should always be your priority. Inbound video marketing utilizes the buyer’s journey to create meaningful and valuable video content to attract, convert, and engage prospects.

When potential customers are at the awareness stage, they come up with a problem and look for the solutions that, somewhere in the world, you are offering; the issue is that you both don’t know about it each other.

At the awareness stage, the customers only know that they have a problem and look for the right solution because they don’t know about you yet.

The content of the awareness stage has two main objectives: to provide valuable information and present your business as the master.

Awareness videos should be informative and educational instead of promotional. The content should be compelling and captivating, which redirects the audience to take the desired actions.

In this article, you will learn what awareness videos are, how to create them, and what you should keep in mind while making one.

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What are Awareness Videos?

You are putting efforts into creating something that can bring change to millions of lives, but how will you let your targeted audience know that you are offering what they need? You need an awareness video – a video that talks about the pain points and suggest a solution – to share your product story and draw attention to your business.

Video has always been effective in connecting the audience emotionally and helping them see their needs. It encapsulates emotions and product descriptions and showcases them to your potential customers.

Awareness Videos and Its Benefits

An awareness video is an ultimate marketing tool that is beneficial in various situations:

  • Drag the attention toward the core objective of the video.
  • Tell the audience who you are and what you do as a company.
  • Raise awareness about your product and business.
  • Evoke emotions and inspire potential customers to take desired actions.
  • Share your business, product, brand, or company’s story.
  • Help you reach the targeted audience effectively.

Examples of Awareness Videos for Inspiration

After a long search, we have come across the four awesome awareness videos that you should watch and get inspired for your upcoming marketing campaign videos. These videos are unique in their own ways and serve an important purpose.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

1. How Wolves Change the Rivers

The video begins with the wolf howling and captivating narration. It tells the story of Yellowstone National Park and its wolves. We all know how much a single species can be impactful on our environment and can bring change to our lives.

Video talks about how much impact the wolves have brought to the Yellowstone National Park. Due to the excessive deer, some areas of the park were unable to cultivate, and after the wolves, it not just started cultivating again but also brought a significant change to the deer’s behavior.

Due to the wolves’ presence, the deer started avoiding some areas, and those areas started regenerating again. The number of songbirds and migratory birds started to increase greatly, and the number of beavers started to increase because they like to eat trees.

The video talks about whether it’s prey or a hunter, how much every living organism is important for the habitat. It raises awareness about how the world of the animal kingdom works and how it can bring change in the shortest span of time.

2. Kids Explain Red Nose Day

In 1988 UK, Red Nose Day was started to raise money for the children who are facing poverty around the globe. The video creator has smartly covered a very serious issue in a fun and lighter tone.

The creator interviewed some children of the same age as the children who needed help and asked them a few questions, which they answered cutely.

It is surely a unique and heartwarming way to address serious issues like this and share stories in a heart-touching manner. It is an ideal example for raising brand awareness where you can interview your current customer and talk about their experience with your product. All you have to do is to think about the topic where you want to draw your audience’s attention.

3. At St. Jude, A Family Never Receives a Bill

It is a short 30-second awareness video from St. Jude’s Research Hospital. The video talks about what the hospital is all about and what do they do for needy patients by sharing a heart-touching story of a family.

The video creator put real human faces in the video and highlighted their issues and suffering in a manner that emotionally connects the audience and provokes the feeling of help.

Some awareness videos are disturbing to watch due to heart-wrenching topics, but the way St. Jude has presented the topic is amazing and creates a need for organizations like this.

It is a powerful way to share the story, objective, and message to the targeted audience.

See Also:

4. SOS Bus NI

In North Ireland, a company is running SOS Bus that helps the people around them whether they are young or old. In the video, the SOS Bus’s volunteers talk about how they help the people and what do they do at night.

The video shares some volunteer moments where the audience can see how they are serving humans. Sometimes is quite challenging to explain what exactly the organization do, but through their employees’ story and customers’ experience, it becomes a lot easy for the audience to get the zest of the initiative.

Inbound Awareness Video

Child360 is one of the leading nonprofit childcare organizations that aim to create a safe future to provide every child with the proper educational opportunities to succeed in life.

The organization focus on raising awareness about the quality of education and the impact it has on the child’s life. Child360 has collaborated with various educationists to implement strong childhood educational programs around the district.

Here is the video where a project support specialist is talking about Child360’s initiatives and how it is helping the children get what they deserve.

The objective of the video is to inspire the audience to collaborate with Child360 to make children’s lives better.

Start Creating Awareness Videos

You can create a brand awareness video for your campaign in various ways, whether you can do a DIY video project or hire the best video production companies to create one for you.

Before beginning with video production, evaluate your budget first. Your budget plays an important role in deciding what production type or quality you should choose.

In the sales funnel, the awareness stage is where you need to influence your targeted audience and build brand credibility. You need to make sure that the content is highly engaging and captivating for the audience. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind to create inspiring awareness videos for your campaign.

1. Target Your Prospects

Understanding your targeted audience and their needs are important to running a successful marketing campaign. If you want to make your marketing game strong, then target one persona at a time. It will help your campaign stay focused and spread the message effectively.

You can also measure your campaign success by tracking:

  • The video’s views.
  • The length of the video’s views.
  • The conversions you got through your CTA.

2. Decide What Do You want to Say

Now, you have identified your targeted audience; it’s time to think about the message you want to deliver through your video.

Whatever the issue is, make sure that you offer a helpful and effective solution and talk clearly about it in your video. Indeed, your video needs to be informative and educational, but it also requires a glimpse of promotion.

You have to think big and put yourself into your prospect’s shoes to know what they will search on Google to resolve their issues. Answer all their question and suggest the solution to their need through your content.

Tips to Create a Content Strategy

  • Talk about the problems your prospects are facing.
  • Do keyword research to know what your prospects are looking for and what your competitors are offering.
  • Cover the questions that are frequently asked by your prospects in your video.
  • Establish brand credibility and be confident about what you have to offer.
  • Include eye-catching and talkative CTAs to tell your audience what to do next or how to solve their problem. A CTA can be a landing page, eBook, or form.

Types of Awareness Videos You Should Consider

Awareness videos can be of various types, and any video style can be useful for the objective, but here are some video types that are frequently used by companies to create awareness videos.

P.S: Interested in creating 2D videos for your organization, avail BuzzFlick’s 2D animation services, and spread your business’s initiatives out loud.

3. It’s the Action Time

Once you are done with all preparation, let’s create some engaging awareness videos. If you are thinking of creating a DIY video project, it might sound challenging, but if you keep following a few tips, then you sure can create some amazing awareness videos.

  • Understand your video expertise and budget, decide whether you need to hire a video production company or give your skills a try.
  • Must create a script and decide who will be in your video.
  • Decide a video shooting location and evaluate the challenges you are going to face.
  • Avoid recording video in a crowded or noisy area.
  • Must showcase your objective in your video as clearly as possible.
  • Include all the relevant stakeholders in all the video production phases.

4. Create A Plan

Creating a video is not enough for your brand or for your audience until you know where you are going to find your targeted audience, through which content format your audience wants to consume the information, and which platform is best to market your video.

Always post your content on the platform where the maximum engagement of your prospect has been seen or is expected to be seen.

Mediums & Platforms to Post Your Video Content

There are four platforms where you can post your video to get maximum engagement but must analyze your prospect first.

  • You can post your videos on your social media accounts. Video on social media platforms brings 80% engagement and helps the audience redirect to the targeted landing pages.
  • If your website has a blog section, then embed your videos into your blogs.
  • Post your videos on the relevant or campaign landing pages to increase the maximum conversion.
  • Posting videos on your own website will increase the boosts the website traffic and increase lead conversion.

While posting a video on any above platform, try to optimize the SEO maximum. Include the following to optimize the SEO fully:

  • Your video or blog’s meta description.
  • Must define the Alternative text descriptions.
  • Your video description must include all the relevant keywords.
  • If you have a silent video, provide a caption under it and make sure the caption is fully SEO optimized.

If you consider all the above in your video campaign strategy, then it will be a total success for your brand. Here are some awareness video objectives that you need to know before creating one and how to measure its success.

Objectives of Awareness Video

There are mainly four objectives of the awareness video:

  • Create engagement and bring traffic to the website.
  • Attract targeted audiences and boost conversion.
  • Build a credible image of the business and product.
  • Increase views on video streaming platforms and engagement on social media platforms.

Success Measuring Parameters

Here are success measuring parameters that help you calculate the performance of the content.

  • You should monitor your website, blog, or page’s traffic.
  • Keep track of your social media platform’s engagement and potential leads.
  • Must review the video views on all the platforms.
  • Calculate the converted leads through CTAs or other clickables.

The Wrap Up

Awareness videos are beneficial for marketing and other nonprofitable campaigns. You can reach your targeted audience, share your story, build an emotional connection, and convince them to take certain actions in no time.

But the awareness video production requires certain expertise that can only be offered by professionals. There are a number of video production companies that offer top-notch video quality but searching them on the internet is one hell of a task.

Here are the top video production companies in New York City that can help you create eye-catching and captivating awareness videos.

On the other hand, if you just want one name, then BuzzFlick is the one you have been looking for. The studio is an expert in various animation types and video styles and is a perfect fit for every business.

Whether you are a startup, a nonprofitable organization, or a renowned company, BuzzFlick is here to facilitate your business with the best.

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