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Product Videos are a great way to shed light on your products. Read our blog to learn about the tips that can help to create a stellar product video.

Think of it this way: You’re launching a new product, but you don’t want to go with the conventional launching methods.

What could be that one approach that can help you to stand out from the crowd? Enters Product Video.

For both products and services, product videos can be the deciding factor in whether or not a potential consumer buy from you.

Using a product video on your website can skyrocket your conversion rates up 80%. Awesome right?

An excellent product video educates and enthuses your target audience to pay attention to you (and to open their wallets). At BuzzFlick, we’ve created a lot of product videos, including some that have been successful crowdfunding campaigns and have sold a lot of units in their campaigns.

Here are a few pointers and case studies from brands and small companies that are doing it right when it comes to creating engaging product videos that drive sales.

Is making a product video difficult for you? These ideas can help you get the most out of your product video. But before we move to the tips, let’s first learn the basics about product videos.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Make a Video for a Product?

It’s not necessary to hire a video production company in order to create an eye-catching explainer video. As much as we admire the polished beauty of a well-produced product video, small company owners need to be producing content faster and more effectively in today’s fast-paced marketing industry.

With so many ways to distribute material, it’s unlikely you have the number of video assets you need to use them all. As a result, flexibility and scalability are important considerations.

It might be overwhelming to film product videos, explainers, and demos, but here are some pointers to get you started:

Use a flat lay or a white background when in doubt. If the background is as plain as possible, the more effective it will be. After all, you’re not selling the background.

Aim for steady illumination. If possible, avoid shooting with other individuals. Even while the golden hour is gorgeous, it’s fickle and inconsistent. What do you have that you can count on? A studio lighting.

The DLSR isn’t necessary. You can produce high-quality product photographs in only a few minutes by using your iPhone’s portrait mode against a simple background.

Put your faith in the work of others. Are people posting videos of themselves using your items and tagging you in them? Your promotional materials should include their user-generated content (UGC).

What Should You Include in a Product Video?

  • The best way to showcase your products is with a lot of product photography.
  • Display the dimensions of your product, such as size, weight, or lightness.
  • A call to action to your website, to follow your business on social media, and so forth.
  • The use of third-party evidence, such as customer testimonials and ratings, to demonstrate that your product or service is superior to the alternatives
  • Don’t be afraid to add your own spin to it.

What Should be the Ideal Length of a Product Video?

The answer is that it is dependent on several factors.

Quick tutorial: If you’re planning to distribute it only on platforms like Instagram, then keep it short and sweet

Quick demo: The ideal length is around 15 to 60 seconds

Explainer video: It depends on the complexity of the product, but you can keep the length around 30 to 90 seconds.

In-depth guide: Real estate agents and vloggers can both educate viewers on how to get ready for a showing in a “Get Ready with Me” video. In the case of YouTube, long-form content (anything from 7 to 15 minutes) can be used.

What Type of Product Videos Can You Make?

You can make two types of product videos, live-action or animated. The ball is in your hand. You need to first determine what type of audience you are targeting. Let’s suppose your target audience is children aged 5 to 10 years. In this case, an animated product video will be more impactful.

Or, if your target audience is businessmen, then a live-action product video will be a more suitable option.

Moreover, if you choose the animation, you can opt for different animation styles or types like a whiteboard video or a 2d animated explainer video; the options are endless.

Note: If you’re looking to invest in whiteboard animated product video and looking for someone who can do it for you, then give a read to our list of the 6 best whiteboard animation companies.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Product Video?

Generally, a product video cost can be between $1,000 to $5,000. The cost of your product video can depend upon the scope and style of your product video. If you want to get an animated product video, then the prices can vary depending upon the animation style and video length.

To learn more about cost, give a read to our following resources:

Tips to Create a Spectacular Product Video

Now it’s time to unbox some of the tips and tricks through which you can create an enticing, distinctive, and top-notch product video.

It’s all about the context

Customers aren’t simply interested in what you have to offer; they want to know how it fits into their life. Use your product video to address the following issues:

  • What is your product’s primary purpose?
  • How does it improve the lives of your customers?
  • Is your content inspiring enough to motivate a customer to take the right action?
  • Will they be happier as a result of using this product?

Don’t just tell; show it too

If viewers don’t know what you’re offering at the end of a high-concept product video, they’re unlikely to become clients.

Imagine you’re in first grade again, conducting “Show and Tell” – show off your product and inform your consumers of its existence. It’s really that easy.

Small and large e-commerce companies alike rely on the following sorts of product videos:

  • A demo is just a demonstration of the product in action while someone is using it.
  • An explainer video is a short video that explains how a product works and conveys the narrative behind your brand. People are frequently persuaded to make a purchase after watching a video that explains the product in detail.
  • A tutorial video provides instructions set of step-by-step instructions are provided which are educational in nature.

Share your brand stories

People aren’t simply interested in the product’s technical specifications when they watch a product video. They’re interested in getting to know the individuals behind the product as well as the actual users.

product demo videos

Product specifications should be included in your product description, or you can include a fast pop-up of text in your video with all the information to help keep your visitors engaged.

Serve a special cause

Consumers nowadays are well-informed, and they favor businesses with a purpose over those that simply have a good product. Gen Zers are “3x more likely to agree that the goal of business is to serve communities and society,'” according to a BBMG and Globe Scan study.

Nowadays, people don’t buy things just because they want to buy things. That’s why your product video or demo is a good place to explain why your firm exists. Solve the most difficult problems. Do you, for instance, run a firm that:

  • Can you work on issues of social justice?
  • Eager to donate a portion of profits to non-profits in your area?
  • Ready to use your social media accounts to raise awareness of important social issues?

Caring is, in other terms, cool.

Using a current client as a testimonial is the best way to get people excited about your product. A talking head interview on how your product or service changed the game might be as simple as a single-frame gushing comment in your product video.

Add your own unique touch

If you want your product video to make a good first impression, you need to pay attention to how it looks. To put it another way, poor-quality videos or photos can and will hurt sales.

Whether it’s a Facebook ad or an embed on your e-commerce website, your product video should make a lasting impression. Upload your company’s logo and typefaces, or use our endless library of not-cheesy stock footage to spice up your product presentation.

Avoid invoking FOMO

A cheap infomercial tactic is to terrify customers into buying your products. FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is what we’re referring to.

Businesses that use fear as a cheap approach to get consumers to buy their products are doing so at their own peril. Your product video should not use fear tactics but rather emphasize the advantages of your product or service.

What are your product’s unique selling points (USPs)? Grab a piece of paper (or Word Doc) and pose these questions:

You need to know who you’re competing with and what you like about their offerings. (Admitting when your competitors are doing something right is perfectly acceptable! It’s crucial to have a source of inspiration.)

What are some of the recurring themes in the feedback you’ve received from customers who’ve purchased your product or service in the past? It doesn’t matter if you write it all down, draw a Venn diagram, or anything else that helps you think more clearly.

The best feature of your product or service? Allow yourself to be swept up in the moment.

Add some personality

Let your brand’s personality shine through with a product video. You can separate your product from the millions of other comparable items out there by showcasing your own unique personality.

Add a powerful call-to-action

Customers should have a simple way to buy your goods or service when the video ends. How? Include the following step or destination in your call to action.

Your three-minute blender demonstration is likely to have piqued the curiosity of everyone who makes it to the conclusion. An email capture or preorder link can be included in your video if it is more of a proof-of-concept.

Hello HUM uses a clever headline (“Getting to know your HUM”) and an easy-to-follow CTA referring to their website to demonstrate how to utilize their product.

Build a human connection

When you’re making a product video, it’s too simple to talk to your audience instead of to them. You want to start a dialogue with a possible consumer, so try to connect with them as effectively as you can.

Create a Unique Product Video with BuzzFlick

Okay, so you have all the ideas in your mind to create a product video, but the problem is you are not a video production expert, nor do you have a team. So, you’re left with two options either you give it a try yourself and create a simple product video or hire experts to do it for you like us.

We are among the best product demo video production companies. For years, we have been offering video production and animation services across the globe. From scriptwriters to video editors, we have everyone on board.

We have been recognized by big platforms for our compelling services like Manifest. Not only this, but we also offer video animation services like 2D animation services, 3D animation services, motion graphics services, and custom whiteboard video services, to name a few.

No matter what style you choose, we can make it all. If you don’t know which style will be more beneficial for your product demonstration, no worries! Our video experts can assist you with that as well.

The Key Takeaways

Try to be direct, innovative, and unique in order to create an effective and entertaining product video.

Focus on being helpful and highlighting your product’s unique selling feature, even if it seems to be something your competitors are doing, as well.

What’s the end result? The majority of customers aren’t paying close attention to everything you do. Your product is all they’re interested in, so tell them what it does and where they can get it.

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