Why 2D & 3D Animation Are Used For Mobile Apps

animation usage in mobile apps
Are you a mobile app developer and ready to launch your app in style? BuzzFlick is here to create 2D and 3D animated demo videos for your application.

We are all familiar with video marketing and promotion and how much it has benefited various companies.

In the world of technology, mobile phones are evolving, and “something new is coming” is always in the headlines, which has made app development, launching, and advertising a lot more challenging for mobile app development companies.

Mobile app development companies aim to create feature-enriched applications that benefit users in a particular manner to fulfill their daily needs. An animated video is the best shot for companies to communicate the idea of “necessity” to the targeted audience.

With time, most mobile app development companies have adopted 2D & 3D videos as their ultimate marketing video tool, and the reason is justifiable – these videos are highly effective, engaging, entertaining, and informative.

Companies try their best to develop applications with features, options, and uniqueness that make them different from the rest. 2D & 3D animation is the best medium to introduce an app to the world.

These days, nobody prefers to read lengthy manuals or guides; instead, they choose to watch instructional videos that say exactly everything in 80-90 seconds same as a hundred pages handbooks.

Mobile App Demo as An Animated Video

Video has always been useful for potential buyers to understand the product better. App demo videos are the best way for app developers to communicate their inventions to their prospects.

Animation has taken over digital marketing and gives freedom to marketers to market their products effectively. Most of the best app demos are made as animated videos because they engage more, and they deliver quality information to the audience in no time.

You can create an app demo video with a captivating and fun blend of live-action and compelling animation to highlight the key features of the upcoming app.

And once you are done with the app development, it’s time to present it to the world, and an animated video can help you spread words about your application as faster as one can imagine – it is the homing pigeon of our times.

Why Create an Animated Video for Mobile App Demo

Here are some points that will surely change your thoughts about creating app demo videos for your next app launch.

  • 2D & 3D animated app demo videos deliver the message to your targeted audience in an engaging manner.
  • Animated elements create a technological representation that is pleasant to watch and easy to memorize.
  • Due to advancements, today, all video-sharing websites and social media platforms allow viewers to share video content easily. With easy shareability, you can reach the maximum eyes of your audience.
  • Viewers appreciate the visual content more than the written textual blocks. It gives you an edge to deliver all the information in the form of animated videos.
  • Due to plagiarism, you cannot use the same textual block everywhere on the internet, but you can share one video multiple times on various occasions.
  • The Google algorithm also loves videos and helps websites and video channels rank higher on the search engine result. It increases the chance of your video getting caught by the eyes of your prospects.

In fact, the Google Play store lets the developer share their promo or product demo videos on the App Page, which helps the users get hooked to the app right away.

A well-crafted animated app demo video can drive a significant number of viewers, attract them to download the app, and further suggest it to their social circle.

To create an energizing and influential app demo video, you need some professional assistance that is pro in creating videos for apps and technologies.

Many video animation companies can provide you with top-notch app demo video production services for your mobile app launch.

Short 2D & 3D animated videos are easy to watch and stay in the audience’s mind for a long time, but only if it is entertaining and provide the information the audience is looking for.

The only thing that inspires the audience to buy or watch something is what the offer they are getting.

Animated videos give you a chance to directly communicate with your audience and let them know what you have created and how it will help them.

How the Animation Works for Mobile App Development

Indeed the app you are creating is marvelous, the features, interface, design, and options, but how will your audience know? You use 2D animated demo videos to grab the attention of your audience.

You can create a quick demo video highlighting your app’s vital features, how the user can operate it, and what makes it best among the other applications.

Demo videos use only 30 seconds to pique your audience and redirect them to hit the download button. When you are planning to launch a new gadget or app update, you can use animated videos to promote the event.

CTAs are the direction for the audience to know what to do next. A compelling CTA can help to convert the attracted audience into potential customers. Give your targeted audience a taste of what big is coming through a captivating app trailer video.

You have gone through a lot while creating an app. You must be excited to share all the information with your targeted audience instantly, and the success is what you ultimately desire, but to achieve all of that simultaneously can be done if you break down all the information into digestible chunks of information.

People these days are busy and don’t have much time to study all the elements of your app, but if you think all the information is essential for your audience, then try to deliver them through captivating animation that not just educates your audience but also entertains them.

Usually, people get bored with long videos, so the starting few seconds are crucial for you. If you are successfully able to grab the attention of your viewers in those seconds, you will surely be going to get a customer(s) at the end of the video.

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