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We’ve been receiving what we were looking for, and we feel like a priority to them.'

Daniel West

The quality of work they presented and the time it took them to accomplish the goal were impressive.

Lorine Chia

We were impressed by their customer service.

Sarah D.
Marketing Officer

The entire team was unpretentious and always professional throughout the process.

Tim Sterba

If you’re in search of a video animation agency that delivers quality results without breaking your budget, hire BuzzFlick.

Theresa Newman,

These guys do a great job. They're very responsive and very fast at turning out high quality work at a reasonable price. Highly recommend.

Dan Rubin

Awards & Recognitions

Off The Grid Production

Nora Jacobson established “Off The Grid productions,” she has vast experience in teaching film at various schools in New York. She also assisted many clients with her freelance services as a filmmaker and editor. “Off The Grid productions” offers video editing and filmmaking services. They need a short intro video for their animated video.

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Room Speculator

To solve this problem the team Room speculator came up with a unique solution for the tourist. They created a mobile application where a person can make a reservation for a room and if they change their mind they can easily sell it to anyone looking for it. Isn’t it amazing?

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Avia Shoes

Avia is an American footwear and apparel company specializing in running, yoga, lifestyle clothes, footwear, and accessories. Jerry Stubblefield created Avia in 1979, now a part of Sequential Brands Group.

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Klevu's innovative product discovery algorithm increases ecommerce websites' traffic, conversion, and customer loyalty while decreasing bounce rates. It is simple to install, optimize, and manage, and easily integrates with the leading ecommerce systems.

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Softwriters is a pioneer company that offers long-term care pharmacy technology. They have assisted long-term care pharmacies by enabling them with the software that revolutionized their LTC pharmacy workflows and helped them in content management.

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Kenneth Zaccaro – CEO of VacciDating, came up with an idea of a dating app at Covid Pandemic and helped people meet new people.

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Old St. Patrick

Oldspats – Old St. Patrick’s Church is a welfare organization in NorthLawn Land, Chicago, USA. Since 1856 Oldspats has been providing its charity and religious services to mankind.

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Air Taxi

Elizabeth Cheng – Owner of Air Taxi, thought of making traveling memorable, and to fulfill that idea, she built Air Taxi.

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We Feel

We Feel is a non-profit organization that aids bereaved families in better understanding their children’s moods and the factors contributing to their children falling behind in social situations.

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Strategic Industry Solution (SIS) has been serving multiple industries with its Project & Service management solutions for more than 25 years.

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Christmas Song

Lorine Chia, a renowned musician and YouTuber produced a track for Christmas. With this song, she hoped to convey the idea that Christmas brings with it an underground river of happiness that never runs dry.

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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated has been serving women as a ray of light in a male-dominant society. They encourage and stimulate the ethical and professional growth of a woman to be empowered and an idol for all.

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Miles Behind:A Spiderman Fan Film

Miles Behind: Spiderman is a fan-made short film by M’Guphynn Media – a combination of fun, thiller, excitement, and art.

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Red Stone

Tim Sterba – Marketing Director at Redstone Payment Solution, introduced a new smart payment program for their clients that aids them with zero processing fee while accepting debit or credit cards.

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NABU is a free-to-use digital reading app for children. NABU brings the wonder of reading to children, with free and fun multilingual stories leveled to the child’s reading ability.

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Food, Nature, And Climate

Food Nature Climate provides communications insights and analysis on critical aspects of international food, nature, climate forest, and community land rights discussions.

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Wood Wheaton Supercentre

JWoodWheaton is a Prince George-based, full-service vehicle dealership that has served Northern British Columbia residents since 1992.

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Jena Dunham – Vice President of Marketing at EarthLink, an internet service provider that aims to facilitate homes, offices, and organizations with the right internet speed at the right price.

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TruthTeller is a storytelling show started by Cecily Alexandria. It’s a show where people of color get the chance to tell their own tales.

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